LED conversion Canbus ?'s 2015 Sedona turn signal

Mar 2, 2004
Looking to replace incandescent turn signal bulbs on a '15 Sedona with LED. Is there an easy way to tell if a vehicle requires a CANBUS LED bulb? If I pull a bulb out, I get a hyperflash, but seemingly no other warning or indicators on the dash.

I assume that means I don't need a CANBUS bulb. What exactly do the CANBUS bulbs do?

To cure the hyperflash I'll have to wire in a load resistor, but that presents a problem on the front turn signals. Those bulbs (1157 bayonet style) mount to a little plastic stalk which twist locks into the headlight housing. The plastic stalk receives power through two small electrical contacts that engage when you twist the stalk in. So there's no wires of any kind, I think the wires are integral to the headlight housing. Are the front & rear turn signals run in parallel, or is the load sensing independent at each corner?
The "canbus" version has an integral load resistor to satisfy cars that have per-bulb current sensing. This means more power and heat in in the lamp though.

If your car has a separate blinker relay, there may exist an LED-rated replacement that does not blink fast at low current.