LCR Sight

Nov 9, 2008
Not quite the right forum, but I haven't been on the gun ones for a while.

Has anyone swapped an LCR front sight? I feel it's too tall (and some google work indicates I'm not the only one to think so). Ruger has some high viz ones but warns the gun will shoot even lower! I know I can use Kentucky windage and all, but I'm tempted to figure out how to drift out the pin, grind it down and maybe hit it with some white paint. Ruger wants $25 per new sight, so if I fail, I guess I can always replace.

Hard to see in the photo, but the gun barrel sits up--and you can't see the channel that is the rear "sight". So the gun really does want to shoot low.

[Yes I know, grip hold, bullet weight and dwell time in the barrel will all alter point of impact relative to point of aim. But this site must be aimed for Magnums not 38spl!]
Nothing wrong with trying to take it down some. I would much rather have a gun with a front sight too tall than one too short. Try mounting a peep sight on a rifle and finding that the gun now shoots way too low even with the sight lowered to the max.
Have you actually went to the range and determined how it shoots while sighting it on a rest?
Have you actually went to the range and determined how it shoots while sighting it on a rest?
Don’t have a setup for that yet. Need to build a better backstop, then get bigger targets. Then I could try a rest.

99% sure i am 6 low, 6 inches to the right at 7-10 yards—and getting a good flinch (didn’t think I had one, but nope, its there, no wonder im pulling to the right).
First thing is that is not meant for target shooting, Right handed shooter usually flinch Low/Left and Left handers Low/Right. Shooting a snub nose accurately means hitting a gallon jug at 5-7 yds double action only. There is no sight radius to speak of, the rear sight is a suggestion, the trigger pull is a tug of war and the recoil in a 357 mag is a pain. Forget what you know about sight alignment, the front has to be half its height above the rear just so you can see it. If you can align the front in the rear with a good 1/8-1/4" sticking up above the rear and cover your target with the top of the sight, you will hit that gallon jug. When or if you ever have to use it for its intended purpose you just want to look at the front sight and your target, you will never see the rear.
I loaded a cylinder in my 3" SP101 with 357Mag, shot two, unloaded the rest--it wasn't the recoil, it was the blast of sound. I might give that ammo away if I never find the 357Mag rifle I'd like to have. Not about to try in an LCR! Ouch! 38spl+P is my limit.

That reminds me, I should load up some wadcutters.
I've thought about getting an H&R (or NEF) Handi-Rifle in 357Mag, reaming for 357Max. For no reason other that to go one more than 357Mag. :) I mean, for those times when Magnum power just isn't enough... go for Maximum!

[Yes I know, still not a rifle round. I'm just enjoying the marketing name game here. Odds are, it too would shoot very few magnums, let alone maximums.]
You could go with laser grips. I put some on my LCR and this was free hand shooting at 20 yards with 38 Spl after sighting in the laser grips on a rest.