KYB quick struts sold out again! Front strut mounts might be shot

Mar 20, 2008
2015 Forester SJ 2.5 has that rattle noise like bad sway bar links, but the end links and bushings have been replaced. I used CTR sway bar links and OEM bushings. However, they still needed replacement, as there were wet spots around the boots in the original links, meaning the grease came out and the boot wasn't doing its job anymore.

The noise goes away when you turn the wheel, and I also did the turn test when parked. Turn the wheel to the left then to the right while the car is idle, and it pops! Isn't that the strut mount? :unsure:

Unfortunately, KYB quick struts are sold out. Well, one side is available, and the other side isn't. Monroe quick struts are available, though.

I lucked out with the rear shocks because there was a recall on the rear springs, so the dealer installed the Bilstein B6 shocks with the new springs. There is no recall on the front springs. Also, Bilstein's front struts for the SJ are twin tube, rather than the typical monotube Bilstein uses in the B6 line. They are increasingly using twin tube even for the B6 :sneaky:

Since the front Bilsteins are twin tube, they're not worth the extra cost over KYB or Monroe.

I'd rather use KYB than Monroe, so should I wait for the KYB to become available again? The expensive option is to use Bilstein struts and OEM mounts. The car has 140k, so it's worth replacing the struts along with the mounts, but that will cost more, and I'll need to use a spring compressor. I know OEM mounts are better than aftermarket, but quick struts are awesome because you get all the components pre-assembled :)
Well, as you know, quick struts have their critics. I am not one of them but, I haven't had the best luck with'em either.
I always say, "if you're keeping the vehicle for the long haul, use OE. It may be worth it in the end".

Yes, quick struts are easier for the DIYer however IMO, they were designed for the shop to make quicker money and a faster turnover w/o holding up the service bays and getting the vehicles to the customers sooner, bla-bla-bla. Just my 2cents.

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Just refresh the rockauto site a few times a day. The L/F site was sold-out for that Highlander, but after about a week of watching the site, they got a few in-stock. They were sold out again in a matter of hours.

KYBs are the biggest joke under sun and especially if you buy them from Tirerack. Pay the extra dollars and get OEM - man this is a job no fun going elcheapo
Shocks and struts are about the easiest job you can possibly do - as both a tech or as a DIYer. With that said, the cost of alignment becomes an issue when you have to do the job repeatedly.