Kohler V twin Courage starter upgrade

Apr 2, 2015
A friends mower with 25 hp V twin Kohler Courage starter bendix w/rubber clutch torn loose from gear and bent shaft. LPS quoted $132.95 for Kohler Part# 32 098 04. I had on hand 27 hp Kohler Command starter Part# 25 089 09, Bolt pattern appeared the same but automotive style with bendix end of shaft supported in the housing.VS unsupported shaft of Courage starter. Bolted right up but had to alter (extend) the solenoid wire to accomodate the onboard solenoid of Command starter. All working very well. IMO this is a very good upgrade for Courage owners having starter problem. It appears to be a much better/more durable starter design and cost for aftermarket is essentially equal. Perhaps the pros can give Professional advice concerning this switch