Kendall GT-1 Max

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Doesn't look like that PSC company sells the new oil. The guy at Kendall told me the one with "liquitek" is the upgraded gf-6 "dexos formula" and that they're phasing our the latter.
That may only be because it is so new; distributors tend to lag a little. It has only been 22 days since GF-6 was "live"; I have bought from PSC in the past and they have always had the latest when it was available. TBT, I am good with GF-5 until GF-6 has been out for a while. None of my vehicles specify it anyway.
I hear ya. I just changed my oil a few weeks ago with Valvoline AFS 5w30, but may well order some of the Kendall's newest latest and greatest when available for the next OC