Just had some Collon

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Jun 2, 2003
 - Collon comes with various cream fillings, including chocolate. I wish I had a can of Calpis to go with it. Kanpai! Do you know any product names that are funny only due to random coincidence? PS: My toolbar faves have been obscured in an effort to foil spies that shall remain nameless (Michael Wan). [Wink]
What about Calpis? Say it a few times and listen how it sounds. The name of this Japanese yogurt-flavored beverage has been changed for the English-speaking market a while ago. I think Collon was also changed.
I thought that you were referring to the raw products that go into Baloney/Devon. I've got heaps of dodgy product names...need to work out how to get them up.
That's enough for one flavorful meal, dessert included. Some of those names are really harsh! [Big Grin] By the way, I grew up with Dickmann's (called Negerküße = literally "negro kisses" or Mohrenköpfe = literally "moor heads"!!!!!): They are quite good despite being politically incorrectly named. On the bottom is a crispy waffle topped with a thin, crispy chocolate dome that is filled with a whipped cream filling. They come in two sizes and are served chilled. I'm also familiar with Schöller ice-cream, but Bum Bum Banana wasn't around way back when.
I am absolutely laughing my anis off!!!!!!!!!!!! [LOL!] Of all that stuff, I've only consumed Calpis. Tastes a little like cowpis. Only sweeter. Oh I mean how I imagine cowpis would taste.....
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