Jacking up my pickup to do brakes

If you have ever seen a jack drop and see how fast and with such force, you will never trust a jack again. You don't get a 2nd chance.
I shudder at the things I used to do when I was young.
This is absolutely correct. I saw the rear end of a "lightweight" Honda Accord fall down when the jack screw stripped out on a factory jack, the thing went down with horrifying speed and force.
Buy yourself some decent jack-stands and use them or pay someone for work.

Even if not under car can fall towards you (been there and done that changing tire).
Chuck a jackstand under the lower control arm. If the jack fails the weight of the truck will get a soft landing thanks to the spring.

Now if you're saying, well the LCA isn't a certified spot, and if the jack fails I'll wreck my truck, see, now you're afraid of your jack failing!