Is "Moly" content #1 factor??

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
I was wondering who uses the "moly" content of an oil as one of their prime factors in determining the brand of oil that they use. Oils such as castrol and pennzoil do contain moly, but other popular oils here, such as cheron supreme do not. Is the lack of moly going to make that big of difference in a car that has it's oil changed every 3000 miles?
It was one of the biggest factors for me when choosing an oil. The benefits of moly are too good to ignore, especially for cold weather when the oil doesn't flow to the parts as quickly.

Originally posted by boxcartommie22:
i do know that mobil's synthetics contain no moly

Not true. Look at the virgin analysis and used oil analysis on here for Mobil 1 SuperSyn and you'll see moly. The virgin analysis generally shows 80-90ppm, but a few have been a tad lower. Only very early SuperSyn bottles had no moly.
I dunno if it's me or not, but since switching from Mobil 1 trisynthetic (no moly) to pennzoil dino (avg. 50ppm moly), my engine became drastically quieter as far as piston slap is concerned. I will always stick with a moly oil.
I think I only used SJ trisynthetic. Who knows, but mr engine sounded like rocks being shaken in a coffe can with the stuff
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