Industrial/Commercial Anti-gel

Jan 3, 2009
Michigan, USA
So, I am being gifted some anti-gel that fuel-delivery companies pour into tanks at gas stations. Its considerably more concentrated/treats more gallons than anything you buy in the store. I figure I could put an ounce or less of it into a quart of 2-stroke and still be ok if treating fuel as if it were summer and I was just using the 2-stroke. One thing the guy said to me was that if you put in too much, it can lead to algae, although my tanks tend to turn over fast enough to where I don't think I need to worry.

Anyone else ever use this stuff? They way its use is described to me, diesel from the refinery is all the same - the driver adds it to the tanks when dropping the fuel at a station.

Is it even chemically the same as the stuff you can buy OTC?
would be nice to know what it is and what the treatment recipe is...

I used Howe's in my Cummins. I follow the recommendation on the bottle and usually overtreat some because there is no concern of harm as stated on the bottle. I'd rather overtreat than undertreat and end up with issues.

just my $0.02