I'm never buying oil again.

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Nov 3, 2002
I got a tip from an A-Zoner to check-in today early and I hit the jackpot. No GC, but 26 Mobil 1 15w-50, 7 Mobil 1 0w-20, 9 QS Full Synth (A3) 5w-50 all for $1 each. That is about $210 worth of oil for $42! I actually can't use all of it in the present configurtation, so I had to "adjust" my inventory at the local Target 15w-50>5w-30 and at Pep Boys 15w-50>10w-30SM>$$$ returned at WalMart. I got a bunch of (17) 0w-30 Mobil 1 the other week and still have to aquire some 0w-40 for winter mixing. The Havoline 5w-30 synth I bought will get mixed with Delo for a summer oil for other peoples' cars. I have the 30/50 weight Mobil 1 to mix for summer in my car. I STILL need to dump the Mobil 0w-20 somewhere easy like Pep Boys because they still stock it....unless a BitOGer wants it. I will find a use for the 5w-50 QS Synth. A LOT of oil, really cheap, even free after returning some to WM. LOL, I buy enough full price that I don't feel bad. I am actually putting my GC on ice for when I get a new car, why not?
I figure I have enough oil for at least 3 years, probably 4 years, after my recent shopping spree at AutoZone. The only bad part is that it is all Mobil1, and some of it is SJ 0w-30. I have never used any Mobil1 products, so this should be interesting.
I must have 20 gallons of Shell Rotella synthetic 5w-40 in the garage, and about 5 gallons of Delvac 1300 as well. On the last trip to a different WalMart, where I only intended to see what was in stock, I walked out with 17 quarts of Mobil 1 Truck and SUV and a hole in my wallet of about $80. (It is the only time I ever saw T & SUV on the shelf in any quantity). I think we need to start a support group, Oilaholics Anonymous. I suspect if our DNA's were checked, we would find genetic similarities to pack rats and other gathering/hoarding creatures. [Duh!]
I have 17 qts of GC and 15 qts of Free Durablend (Had my parents and sister cash in on the "5 qt free" ebay deal [Wink] ). I will not stock more than ~30 qts, because I figure something better will come along by the time I use up this oil. [Smile]
I'm in the same boat! [Cheers!] This week I've hit 5 Autozones and picked up- 27 quarts of German Castrol @ $4 ea. 18 quarts of Havoline syn. @ $1 ea. 102 quarts of Mobil-1 0w-30/40 @ $1 ea.
Originally posted by glxpassat: I'm in the same boat! [Cheers!] This week I've hit 5 Autozones and picked up- 27 quarts of German Castrol @ $4 ea. 18 quarts of Havoline syn. @ $1 ea. 102 quarts of Mobil-1 0w-30/40 @ $1 ea.
All I can say is "wow". [HAIL 2 U!]
What's the deal? Is AZ just getting lazy or going out of business? $1 a quart for M1???????????? Audi Junkie....I know how you got the good deal at AZ...it was that cute girl you mentioned earlier!!!! [Cheers!]
Nothing for sale at our Autozone, even the Castrol is back up to $5+ a quart, and they even dug up some very old yellow label 0w30 to put on the shelf. [Roll Eyes] No new new M1 either. [I dont know]
GLX, you made a killing on the Mobil 1. I had to work for mine, I had to exchange 20q of 50 for 5w-30 got a lot of 0w-30 but have to buy the 0w-40 to mix it into a 12cSt winter oil. It should work for you, use up the cheap stuff first, it will go faster and you will still have the GC for a "special" (turbo?) application. The plain W Mobil 1 should be a good mix for summer. Do you have a V6 or VR6? I have a V6 30v that I went 6 months/11k on GC with little consumption. We should all be thankfull. I guess GC has put a dent in sponsor's sales amd now we are getting cast-off Mobil 1 for $1/q. Not great for them. This AZ tip was from a dude...kinda cute though. [Razz] [Wink] [SPAZ!]
I have the 30v as well. I will use the 0w-40 this summer and use the GC in the winter. I can put the 30w in my wife's Honda. Other than a little Delvac 1300 or Delo 400 I probably won't buy any more oil. My problem now is I really want to try the Mobil T&SUV. Anyone want to do a little horse tradin?
Yeah, I'll trade you some 0w-20 for some 0w-40. [Razz] I have a case of 5w-40 here for summer, mix of 5w-30, 15w-50 for fall and a mix of 0w-30/0w-40 for winter. Actually, I'll do a GC for some 0w-40 trade. [Cool]
Thanks Audi for the offer, but two 20's just don't add up to a 40! [Wink] I want to use the GC in my car right now but I think it might be a little thin for the summer where I live. I don't like the idea of switching back and forth between Mobil and GC though. I'll decide what to do after we hear Terry's report on GC.
GLX, I ran the Amsoil 0w-30 in my 1.8L, 225 Hp Audi TT all last summer; changed it after 10,000 very hard miles and it did just fine. I'd have no reservations about running an the GC 0w-30 in the 30 valve V-6 in the summertime.... FWIW, I think $1.00/quart for the Mobil 1 0w-30/0w-40 is a fair price ... [Wink] TS
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