I'd like to make a statement about HOME BREWING oils

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May 27, 2002
Ocala, Florida
This board was a brain storm of mine so to help educate the masses on oil basics. The board has become a great success with many very fine, astute, intelligent, well educated, well informed, specialized and experienced individuals participating and helping. Because of the basic premise of keeping this board as an open forum, topics like this cannot and will not be deleted just because we don't agree. Keeping all this in mind, we at the bobistheoilguy forum do not encourage any home brewing as this is not the correct method recognized by any manufacture especially for warr purposes. Those of you that are interested in this home brew basics, please understand that the bobistheoilguy site has no participation in this and discourage its use. This includes the 132 additive for the purpose of making an oil better than before. Its main purpose is for older engines with smoking problems and out of warr. This is not to say that home brewing done by and tested by some folks on this board is or cannot work, but I don't want anyone to think that the board is suggesting or recommending making your own brew / brand of oil as many are not experienced enough to recognize the benefits/ pitfalls of this action and failure to properly monitor your brew could lead to some serious if not terminal results for any engine/ machinery. [ December 11, 2002, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
New to the group and have read the articles and posts within this site, my question is the moly additives, at what intervals do you need to retreat? (Mr Moly, Molysheild, Moly EP, Molytech)
Well said - dunno if it will stop all the lawyers [Cool] (IS there anything for that?) - but yes leave homebrewing to us beer makers....now that's an art where you can cut loose...but homebrew your $15,000 engine? I think NOT!
97WS6 I believe that question would best be answered by the maufacturer of the products you listed. [Welcome!] To the forum though ! [ December 11, 2002, 03:16 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
In other words...we should put the "home-brew" in our tummy's and not our cars??!! [LOL!] [Cheers!] Good advice, I have forever stopped mixing: 1)weights 2)dino-synthetic 3)brands HInk
The brews were merely educational "suggestions" with no implied warranties and the user was solely responsible for the use of same.
Well said Bob. And hopefully it will stop the Liers (Lawyers). Hopefully anyone here reads the information, digests it and then makes a conscious effort (in spite of warranties) to put this information to use. As for myself-I will use oversize filters (not recommended by manufacturer), exceed oil change intervals, and use any viscosity I choose. [Burnout] [ December 11, 2002, 03:40 PM: Message edited by: Al ]
Sometimes a few of us who help formulate oils for Racers forget we are on a board that has a broad public demographic. Many who are fearful of the implications of Warranty, Risk/Reward, going outside without a coat, wearing your mittens, looking twice before crossing the street [No no] [No no] ... Aw heck, isn't the API ordained by the Pope ? In other words take responsibility for your actions and if you take my advise on anything you had better ask your mom if its OK first. [Cheers!]
Bob, This is simply a suggestion: You might want to place some additional wording in your Board Rules prohibiting the posting of any mixes, brews, additives, etc to reflect this change in policy. Does this mean that only fully formulated oils can now be discussed? It is unfortunate that legal beagles and the paper pushers (non-technical types) won't let us have any fun. [Big Grin] From a Scene in Mr. Rogers" neighborhood. "Children, can you say, 'Tort Reform?'" [Big Grin] [ December 11, 2002, 04:56 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
This is simply a suggestion: You might want to place some additional wording in your Board Rules prohibiting the posting of any mixes, brews, additives, etc to reflect this change in policy. Does this mean that only fully formulated oils can now be discussed?
No, I don't feel I have to express restrictions about topics any more than already imposed. This is an "open forum" so as long as it doesn't get too off track of our goals to educate and share good valid info, then I see no reason to restrict topics. I do feel that the board has digressed/ shifted somewhat to a different level / direction and just felt it needed to be clarified so anyone just joining us doesn't get the wrong impression that we are a bunch of people trying to redesign or re engineer good quality oils and I felt also to clarify that for many people who just want to know what are some good oils, like what time it is, we don't go trying to tell them how to build the dang watch, or shove one particular product as some seem to do, so to speak. I don't want to see this as a sales board for a person to hawk their wares, but share opinions and facts about oil and lubrication in general. Yes, certain topics are specific on certain brands and of course this cannot be avoided and should be discussed but there is many that will tend to shift the discussion over to other specific brands and it is this that becomes a problem for many trying to sift through some of the debre so to speak. The really neat thing here also is the fact there is a lot of information being shared and helping others with the basics of lubrication while there are those helping others with more specific information on specific topics in a more in depth engineering kind of way sharing a wealth of knowledge explaining more on some of the real mysteries of different stages of lubrication. So, it is really hard to keep it specific but broad and hopefully somewhere in the middle people kind find the information they seek. [ December 11, 2002, 05:12 PM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
Mmm... Hows about this for a diclaimer: "Bobistheoilguy web site is represented by the venerable law firm of Smith & Wessen." [Big Grin]
Originally posted by Eric: Mmm... Hows about this for a diclaimer: "Bobistheoilguy web site is represented by the venerable law firm of Smith & Wessen." [Big Grin]
Good one, but even S&W is being taken on in a suite by the City of Chicago....what the.... [I dont know] It never ceases to amaze me how out of control class actions have gotten. [Off Topic!] Now the fine print. DISCLAIMER: The opinions of this member do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bobistheoilguy, its supporters, or even this member.
Honestly, it's not so much the legality of this that has/had me concerned so much as it is the direction of this board. I am see way too many people looking for a magic bullet to eliminate wear by adding some after market additive. The idea of making an oil better with this technique is not a good practice. Many people have been doing this with slick 50, prolong, and ketchup, (sorry, I like ketchup on everything practically figured why not in my oil?) anyway, just keep in mind, if your oil isn't what you think it should be then try another oil. It is much easier to just use a already well designed oil than to try and mix one up as you go along type of thing. Besides, If an already designed oil fails you have recourse, provided you can show it is the oil's fault, but ad in some additive, now, you shot that out the window.
Have to say I've noticed the tendency too. "I just added (X) to my oil, will it help?" Followed by a few testimonials, maybe an MSDS, and then "Why did you do that?" I'll die happy if I can ever buy an additive for people that counters the warm fuzzies of colorful packaging. David p.s. Do we have any virgin analyses for that green ketchup?
Exactly Bob, there is no simple formulation or "silver Bullet " in lubricants, particularily in internal combustion engines, driven differently, maintained differently, often neglected. Point is this; oil formulation is not rocket science. A recipe can be made to enhance lubricity,lower wear,extend drain intervals using off the shelf components. That oil can be examined chemically for compatibility, and suitability for daily driving and Racing. All this can be systematically tested by periodic used oil analysis to confirm the lab work. It's done all the time by race engine builders to gain the edge for their team. I have concluded that the Risk vs. Reward in disclosing that type Formula to the masses is dangerous at best. One malcontent with enough time to sue you but not enough discipline to follow directions and unhappy with himself and looking for an out for his own stupidity could ruin years worth of work in your own business. I do think as consumers become more informed they will demand better products from the existing "formulators" and maybe they will get that more perfect lube. The reason there is a market for additives is that the current motor oils are inadequate to reducing wear adequately, and its not the consumers fault. Interesting to me that most if not all oil formulators make a #132 EP add or STP style add for oil consuming engines. If the oil had been adequate the engine should not be using oil. When I was Racing cars professionally I asked our then Sponsors;Dyson oil ( SYNERGYN) why they made an additive with Teflon in it when their motor oil was so good, Answer; Because people want it and buy it. So maybe it all boils down to marketing and what the herd feels comfortable with.
Bob, I have been out of town for a couple of days, did I miss something?? Did something happen to spark this thread??? -Joe
Some of us from Autopia (car-appearance/polish nuts) are hoping/waiting for Zaino or Klasse to come out with their formulation of synthetic oil... [Big Grin]
Do you have an MSDS on that ketchup additive? What is the treat rate? Is Heinz worth the extra money or should I shorten the drain interval with Hunts? [Happy]
Originally posted by joee12: Bob, I have been out of town for a couple of days, did I miss something?? Did something happen to spark this thread??? -Joe
Yeah, me too [Big Grin] I haven't been on as often as I should in the recent months. I have yet to see a Home Brewer's post. [I dont know] Oz
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