I got a few bottles of Valvoline VPS 508216 MTF, and the ml markings are funny

Mar 20, 2008
This is the Valvoline Professional Series manual transmission fluid, part number 508216. It is a 75w90 GL4 meant for Asian/Japanese manual transmissions other than Honda and Subaru. Most gear oil labeled 75w90 you'll find on the shelf is GL5 and not suitable for manual transmissions. It is or was sold primarily to shops, and of course VIOC probably has/had it too. Rock Auto used to carry it, but they don't anymore. I don't know whether Valvoline actually still makes it anymore :unsure:

Since I missed the chance to buy it from Rock Auto while they had it, I had to buy some as soon as I saw the opportunity, which was just now. I got it from Craigslist, $30 for three bottles, which is enough for one MT service (most of those transmissions take around 2-2.5 qt)

Now I just need a manual transmission to put it in :D

Anyway, when I got the bottles, the markings on it are in both oz and ml, like most bottles are. Most bottles have separate sets of lines for every 4 oz and for every 100 or 200 ml. But Valvoline uses the same set of lines for both imperial and metric. The oz lines are every 4 oz, but the metric numbers are just that same amount translated to the nearest ml, resulting in funny numbers.