Rock Auto has Valvoline Professional Series VPS 75w90 GL4 part #508216

Mar 20, 2008
Listed under the "tools and universal parts" section. It costs slightly more than Liqui-Moly #20012. Both are less than half the cost the expensive Motorcraft (Castrol) MTF. If this VPS MTF is indeed a 75w90 GL4, it instantly becomes the default choice being the only 75w90 GL4 from a mainstream brand name available in the US at any price. The description on this site lists the critical spec Ford M2C200C, which makes it by far the cheapest MTF available in the US to claim that. Unfortunately, the link to the PI sheet (PDS) is broken

Between Liqui-Moly and Valvoline, which would you use? :unsure:

I might consider getting a VOA done, but the cost to ship a single bottle might not be worth it. Also, I don't have a manual transmission or work on a car with one, either.
I have a Napa/Wix kit for the CVT fluid I never got to (I plan on taking a UOA of the fluid in it as well as a VOA on the Cam2 that goes in). There's an ebay listing for the Wix kit at a good price and even better if you buy more than 1, so I might consider it.

Otherwise, you can get the Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75w90 (now called Castrol Transmax Manual) from this British site, and if you buy a few, enough to change the oil on a manual transmission, it's still cheaper than buying the Motorcraft here even with the shipping from UK.

Rock Auto doesn't seem to carry any other VPS products.
Valvoline and LM are well different.

1. Valvoline claims GL4, LM GL4+

Valvoline is MTF as Opel/Saab, Mannol, Q8 or Petronas/Tutela GL4 and similar to Honda, Hyundai/KIA, Penrite or Motorcraft/Castrol GL4 for spur/helical and bevel gears (most of transaxles). LM uses stronger EP additive similar to Petronas/Tutela GL4+, Valvoline Synpower GL5, Eurol GL5 etc so LM has stronger AW+EP as usually used for GL5 hypoid gears oils.

2. Base oils

Valvoline is mainly fake synthetic. LM, at least any years ago, was "mainly" PAO.

3. Viscosity

Valvoline is little thinner than LM. Anyway both are 75w90.
LM is just like every other blender now, sometimes they use a lot of PAO, other times they use mostly grp. III, it depends on the product, if they cn get away with grp III to meet the approvals it's designed for, they probably will.

To clarify, I talked about those two specific products, not general Valvoline/LM products.

LM seems "mainly" PAO today too.
I will probably use this Valvoline VPS MTF if I can still get it when I get a non-Honda manual. If it's not available then, I'll buy the Castrol from Europe.
That was quick! Now Rock Auto only shows one left! Did anyone on here get some? :unsure:

If anyone here got some in the last few weeks, I hope you have enough left over for a VOA :D