I cleaned my engine bay today

Apr 13, 2013
I usually clean the engine bay on my Honda once, maybe twice a year. I was checking the oil today and noticed how dusty it was so I decided to go ahead and do the deed. I covered the alternator and positive battery cable with plastic bags then hosed down the engine bay on the "shower" setting. I had a premixed bottle of car wash shampoo and water (probably 10:1 ratio water to car wash) and used that to thoroughly spray down everything from the plastic cowl to the hoses, and everything in between. After spraying for about 5 minutes with some dwell time in between I used a microfiber cloth to agitate some of the larger areas (valve cover, cowling, air box etc.) followed by a final rinse and air dry with an electric leaf blower. I am pleased with the results.

It appears I have a small seep from the power steering pump so I will keep an eye on that.

I went ahead and vacuumed the interior, applied 303 to plastics and Leather Masters leather protection cream to the front seats. I gave the exterior a wash also but during the wash we had an unexpected thunderstorm. I pushed through in the rain and my son came outside and watched his crazy dad wash the car in the rain. A good start to the day!
Cleaning up hazy headlights and dirty engine compartments. Two of the more satisfying jobs for instant gratification and improvement in appearance for not much work..
for me that was engine rebuilding, it felt soooooooooooooo good hearing that engine turn over after being rebuilt and eventually idle perfectly
Great job. 👍

I would pay you to detail my cars.

Your battery looks like it belongs in a Civic, not an Accord.
Good job.

One word of caution, if your son watched you clean the engine bay he will try to do it himself sometime in the future imitating his dad. That usually doesn’t work out the way we hope.
I know, it’s the right size though. Honda uses small batteries in these.
Honda used the smaller battery for the 4 bangers. Additionally, the small battery is the only size that fits in the TSX (like ours). Accords can use the bigger size, which was used in the V6 models. Honda makes a changeover kit that has a new tray. Or you can modify what you have.
Youtube has a few videos showing both ways. Search YT for "Accord battery upgrade" to use the 24F. You can modify your tray, buy kit form Honda or hit your local junk yard.
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Green with envy. It's simply too hot to do all the stuff OP did. I wrestle with the notion until I step outside, then all notions are gone.

Nicely done. I may have to be hospitalized from detailing withdrawals.