I-95 NY - FL and back observations..

Gotcha, I've only driven through VA twice and only recall how anti-street light the state seems to be :ROFLMAO:

That's Virginia. They don't even have any street lighting at the interchange of I66 and I81, which makes it one of the few interchanges of two interstate highways in the region to not have any lighting.

They aren't even consistent about it..for example, VDOT said they aren't installing new or maintaining old overhead sign lighting anymore.

What do they have at the interchange of VA3 and I95? The new overhead sign lighting they said they wouldn't install anymore.
I need to make this trip in a couple of months, down I-95. I have an old but working CB radio and a roof mount antenna I could easily hook up. Is tuning in to the truckers still useful, do they still give warning about speed traps or is CB a relic of an age gone bye -bye.
Last time I used a CB the truckers weren’t on there much. With the advent of cell phones and streaming, they have other entertainment.
This brings up a question I've had for years;

If you're from out-of-state and a VA cop pulls you over and sees your radar detector, can they do anything about it despite your car being registered in a different state where radar detectors are legal? In a way, is it kind of similar to tint laws; where local tint laws don't necessarily apply to you if you're from a different state with laxxer laws.
They can give you a ticket for having the detector. Money but no points. I have a Redline detector that they can’t see. I need to adjust it so it doesn’t see all these radar sensors on other cars these days.
Depending on the location they may escort you to the courthouse for their money. I got more tickets for having a detector than for speeding.
They actually have detector detectors in their cars.
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Cop has to have the detection equipment, and my suspicion is that most in VA do not. After all, that equipment isn't free.
Most every county with major roads have them. State troopers have nailed me and so has local county sheriff’s. Years ago a state trooper stopped me as I had a hat over mine on the dash and he pulled up beside me at a light. He confiscated it. I told him that was illegal. He said they would keep it until I paid the fine or showed up in court. They mailed it back to me burned out. I think they held it in front of the gun or put it in a microwave. I was so ****** I called a lawyer and he told me there was nothing I could do except throw money away on a lawyer. This was before detector detectors. Now they just write tickets for revenue.
Back in the day, they would know you had a detector if they POPed it on or Instant On and they say brake lights.

I believe Waze has taken over. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. they say it can detect "bursts" up ahead, and it has come a long way since my BMW Factory Radar (option on 1986 325es. I believe M-Technic 1 package. BMW guys please confirm. ETA engine.. VIN WBAAB5402G9673374. I will never forget the VIN of that car. Probably a shell in a scrap yard by now) that I called a "Microwave detector" for X-band.. that still SOMETIMES indicated a police car, as some cars had OLD equipment (this was in 2002.. some cars still run K or Ka. Some small department budgets may not have them at all.)

Except on empty roads without fellow Wazers, I've converted to using Waze. The radar detector game... 1. They got you beat 2. I've always felt cops don't like detectors. Stay out of Virginia with those .

EDIT: Cops maybe even have "Speedcar" (?) where they can get your speed from the other side, opposite direction at speed.. though I would question accuracy on that.
I’ve stopped using Waze because there were too many false alerts. I figured there were jerks just putting stuff on there. It was happening a lot. The map app on my iPhone reports “speed checks” and they have been pretty accurate.
The Florida haters must have not driven in Southern California. First time visiting Florida I was surprised at how slow and unagressive drivers are down there. I'm in the habit of letting people pass when I'm going to speed limit, I move over in Florida and people didn't care. They were going the speed limit or close enough. It was shocking. Turn signals are seldom used here so I didn't actually notice that.
on federal interstate highways i drive no more than 5mph over speed limit. on state divided highways only 2mph over, on city roads at speed limit…no need to worry about speeding tickets or radar detectors.
To avoid the $4 toll at the MD DE border, you can take a bypass around it that takes just a few more minutes. Much bigger savings if you're towing or in a big commercial truck.
Thankyou for the info.
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