Hypothetical Scenario

I see $800 in parts just adding it up in my head. Mechanical work is cheap if you diy. If the paint is peeling or there is rust, don't bother. If it's clean it should still be worth $4000+.
Little bit of clear coat failure towards the top of the hatch and some rear bumper damage towards the corner. Like I said, B-. Paint is otherwise in good shape.

Just ballpark figures using the parts that I would use:

1) Timing Belt Belt Service
- Aisin Timing Belt kit $213
- Genuine Honda Serpentine Belt $33
- 2 gal of Genuine Honda Coolant $33

2) Spark Plugs and Valve Adjustment
- (6) NGK 4363 $64
- (2) Genuine Honda Valve Cover Gaskets $17
- (6) Genuine Honda Spark Plug tube seals $21

3) A/T, Diff Oil and Transfer Case Fluids
- 4 qt of Genuine Honda ATF DW-1 $29
- 1 gal of Genuine Honda VTM-4 $26
- 1 qt of Supertech 75W90 blend $7

4) P/S Pump and Reservoir
- Maval reman pump $170
- Genuine Honda P/S Reservoir $30
- 2 bottles of Genuine Honda PSF $8

5) Front Engine Mount
- Genuine Honda Front Engine Mount $192

6) Rear Brakes
- Genuine Honda Rear Pads $57
- 2 Genuine Honda parking brake adjustment plugs (missing) $17
- 2 Akebono coated rear rotors $87

7) Front Struts, Front Strut Mounts and Rear Shocks
- KYB struts and shocks $208
- 2 Genuine Honda Front Strut Mounts $81
- 2 Genuine Honda Front Strut Bearings $60
- 4-Wheel Alignment $109

Total: $1462
There is option 3, do none of the work and keep driving it.
Esp. if its a third vehicle.
worse case scenario it blows up.. you are out about as much as those repairs to scrap it.
He said it had bad rear brakes. That is not an economical issue, it is a safety issue. If nothing else, the brakes need to be fixed if he is going to drive it at all.
He said it had bad rear brakes. That is not an economical issue, it is a safety issue. If nothing else, the brakes need to be fixed if he is going to drive it at all.
Where? I read 4mm as nearly worn out.. not a safety issue yet.
That depends on what the owner wants. I don't think an unused, unwanted car sitting around does any good unless there's collector value. If they don't use it, sell it. If they use it, they should keep it, it doesn't sound like it's in terrible condition. My daily is older with higher miles, and has a worse reliability reputation.
If the vehicle isn't needed, why keep it as a spare? Sell it as is and rent something or Uber/Lyft if needed.
How can one tell if Uber/Lyft works in their area? I took a quick look but it seems one has to sign up in order to see if there is coverage?
Sounds like it is worth fixing but I am also one that fixes a vehicle till it falls to the ground because I don’t like new stuff. We spend money on our older ones all the time and you always need a spare car nothing worse than going out to go to work and the car won’t start so you have to take something else.
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He said it needed rear brakes. I do not speak for him, nor challenge him. He is the prospective owner, not me. Direct your question to the OP.
Rear brakes are at 4mm. Based on the driver’s current rate of driving, they will require replacement in the next 1-2 years.
Can't you just download the app without signing up? And even if you sign up you can always delete it.
I suppose I could try that--wasn't sure it was worth the effort. Didn't want to send out my info to yet more places, although I guess I could just lie about details if I wanted to.
It appears you misread. The owner isnt in this thread, and the thread starter has replied.
I don't know why you want to argue with me, but see it clearly, YOU misread it. Here is what I wrote:

"He is the prospective owner, not me." I know the current owner is not in the thread. That's exactly why I used the word prospective.
Mechanic friend looked over the vehicle and said to plan for the following items within the next 1-2 years:

- Rear Brakes (Pads, Rotors and Missing Rubber Adjustment Plugs). Currently at 4mm.
There is the source. It was not me, regardless how often it is misread.

Anyone having a problem with the brake issue can take it up with the OP. Final word.