Hulu tv or other streaming services

Apr 30, 2014
I'm jealous of your 25 Mbps with ability to get 50 Mbps.

Figure 5-6 Mbps per HD stream. The streaming doohickeys will auto negotiate a slower connection, and if you're a real nerd you can throttle them yourself with quality-of-service settings in your router.

Sports packages like to negotiate exclusive deals, like NFL Sunday Ticket, so you can expect legal ways to stream to cost $$$.
Get on the list for starlink, everyone I know who has it (3-4 people) are getting 2-250mbps and it's been very reliable.


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Jun 19, 2020
Thank you to all of you that provided input / insight. We did the Hulu live with Disney+ and ESPN+ multiple screens. This way the kids can use it on their phones, we can use in the camper etc... In the end the bill will be just less than $80/month, what a savings! We upgraded our fiber internet to 100MB as well. Wow what a difference that makes. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner, but the NHL package was the deal breaker. Between this and knocking the "insurance**" off the 2 kids phones I'm saving ~$2K per year. I feel dumb we didn't do some or all of this sooner, but I am also perplexed at the cost of stuff!

** FWIW we cancelled the insurance on the boys phones because we can buy refurbished iPhones from Verizon for less than 1 years worth of insurance. Seemed like a win IMO.​

just my $0.02