How to post a screen shot

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Find a "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, and press it. This will copy the image to your PC's memory. Then you'll need to open a graphical application such as MS Photo Editor, in which you should do "Paste as new image".
Then you can save that image into a file (such as .jpg) and then of course upload it to some server. I'm sure you know that drill.

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Hey Pete,

Thanks! it worked :)

Alt PrintScreen is also useful.

One captures the entire screen, the other only captures the active window. I never can remember which does what so I just try one to see which is which.
And we Mac users take a full screenshot by pressing shift+command+3, or we can select and capture any particular screen area by pressing shift+command+4 and dragging the cursor.
and here's mine:

We live in NC, so we often get passing by hurricanes/thunderstorms etc; so in order to have all the precautions and the should-be contents of emergency pack in case of a hurricane, and important tel numbers etc, some time ago we saved all the info on to our desk top and printed them out...I never deleted the icon...
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