How Many Miles Do You Put On Your Ride In a Week?

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about 300 miles per week Castrol Edge 0w30 Yeah it's a good oil, but I got some Rotella T6 5w30 for free from Shell as part of a giveaway thing that they were doing to BITOG members (they private messaged some people on here, asked for an address, and it came in a few days). But had I not received this free Rotella, I'd keep using the Castrol smile
Approximately 50 miles per week. Mobil 1 0w20 (car has only had EP 0w20/AFE 0w20 and AP 0w20) I like Mobil 1. They were ahead of the game with LSPI/DI engines. However, I like Valvoline's Instant Oil change centers. In time when I don't feel like changing the oil anymore I will go there. I take gf's car there now.
40 to 50 miles per week. Mobil 1 0w20 afe with no plans to switch.
About 50 miles a week. I plan on using Valvoline Advanced Synthetic or Valvoline Modern Engine for my go to oil changing it every 5000 miles or one year.
You people do not drive enough. Depends on where I do but i would say about 300 miles a week. I have been using Castrol Magnatec lately because I bought all the clearance oil from Advance. I have a bunch of Idemitsu oil next.
Wife puts 500 miles a week on her A4. Castrol Edge 0w-40 I put 1250 miles a week on my company van Chevy 2500 4.8 vortec with 266K. Castrol 0w-40. No plans to change oil brands. Run both on 10k oci.
200 kms a week for work and whatever else I end up doing on my 3 days off? Winter time, if I am not snowmobiling and traveling to snow, it isn't a whole lot more, but in good snow years, I can easily rack up 3-400 kms in a week. When summer comes, it is that same 200, plus another 250 kms traveling back an forth to our trailer. I am currently using PP and my wife is using PUP, 5-20 and 5-30, and I have zero plans to change that going forward as it is great oil, based on the UOA's that have been posted here, and with neither vehicle consuming any oil, there is no reason to switch, imo. I usually find it on sale as well, which is a plus, and it's usually less expensive than another popular oil on here. wink
About 500mi a week on both cars. I use Euro 0W-40s right now. Have 10 quarts each left of Pennzoil and Mobil 1 0W-40. I'm planning on buying 5 gallon buckets of Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40 and running that in errythang. I run 5k intervals.
I do around 400 miles a week and my wife does around 300. We take my car on most weekend shopping and Cincinnati excursions since, as I always tell my wife, we may as well take the one that already has door dings. I've used HGMO, TGMO, PP and SSO in the '12 Accord over it's now 82K and it's on AFE ATM, as is the '17 Forester on its first run after the FF. I don't see a great deal of difference between these oils in actual use although the Amsoil might have been smoother at the end of its run than I've seen with other oils. You can split hairs over NOACK and MRV/CCV as well as moly treat rates along with other adds, but probably any 0W-20 would do about as well as anything I've used.
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You people do not drive enough. .
I used to drive 300 miles a week and sometimes 500. Since I’ve retired I don’t need to drive like that. I’ll leave that to you youngsters.
I drive at least 420 mi/wk just commuting to work(s). I mostly drive the Fiesta, which continually gets near 40 MPG without even trying, and is running Valvoline SynPower 5W-20 on it's first oil change. The oil meets Ford's requirements, has low potential for intake valve deposits based on NOACK and that other thing that I forget, and is readily available at a good price. No plans to change.
My 13 month old 2017 just passed 38,000 miles. 7,500 mile oil changes with 5w-30 bulk and oem filter. Free oil changes for life so valvoline is the brand. I drive too much. Bill
The Accord is my daily driver. 200-300 miles a week depending on weekend use. Currently has 209K miles . Uses what ever I have in my stash. So it varies on my mood at the time of my oil change. Currently have a lot of Chevron Supreme 10W-30 . But may use the last of my Havoline Conventional 5W-30 or Havoline ProDS 5W-30. With this car I change oils all the time.
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2nd part: What oil do you use (mostly) 3rd part: Are you happy w/your motor oil choice or will you switch to another oil Thx
90 miles max. My commute is 9 miles one way, all highway at 55mph and minimal traffic. The engine gets up to operating temp every time I drive. At another job it was a shorter commute, all stop and go and the motor never warmed up. Car ran awful back then. Usually Mobil 1 5W-30. I've used Pennzoil Platinum and w/e fully synthetic 5w30 is on sale. Usually M1 though.
200 miles or so, depending on what other errands and side trips I run besides my commute. 2/3 highway 1/3 city. Mobil 1 High Mileage 10w-30. It works great and dipstick level has not moved since I filled it. Maybe a little thick since it's on the high end of Xw-30 viscosity range and my car does not need an A3/B3 spec oil. Considering Valvoline Synthetic with Maxlife Technology in same grade as a replacement. Will take samples for UOA after 3k miles and decide what to do from there.
Depends where I am working. Anywhere from 300 miles to 1000. Use all kinds of different oils between synthetic and conventional. 5k is my shortest oci and more with syn.
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