How long to Burn off Moisture and Fuel?

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Aug 7, 2004
I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L and I have installed a block heater that I plug in every night (I live in Illinois). I would like to know if my drive to work should be enough to get it up to operating temp. 1 mile of stop and go 35 mph max 6 miles of non stop 50-60 mph open road 1 mile of stop and go 35 mph max I drive this 4 times a day since I go home for lunch.
While the block heater certainly helps, I doubt that you're getting your oil up to 180 degrees with that short trip--especially in the cold temperatures you're currently driving in. Install a temp gauge or get a infrared thermometer if you want to find out for sure. The general rule of thumb is that it takes 15-20 minutes of constant highway driving to get the oil up to full (approx. 180 dF) temperature.
Blake is pretty much right. That doesn't mean that the temp you're reaching can't do the job. My observations are (admittedly this is in my Caravan) that the upramp from stone cold to over 150 is fairly rapid on my current 9 mile commute. It mirrors yours pretty much. I'm @ about 180 when I shut down the engine ..but have been @ 150-175 for about the last mile. You're surely at a temp that will liberate moisture ..the only issue is if the event is long enough. Just for "what if" ..I've driven until my oil temp peaked on the highway @ 60mph. Although it did take about 13-15 miles to peak was very near that temp for the last 6. That is, 165-175 passing my exit ramp ...another 6 miles to hit 195 (or more- depending) ..hit the off ramp ...temp settles back down to 185F while I manage the clover leaf ...hit the on ramp ...back up to 195F+ in about 1/4 mile. I've also taken the slow road home (the highway is a "bypass" - I took the "business" route) and the time factor will yield about the same results minus the peak temps. On a 40 mph with a few lights ...35 mph with a few more reach about the same temp (185F) ..but are there longer just due to the time difference. This effectively falls under Dr. Haas' "15-20 minute" rule to warmup. Only the peak temps vary a bit. FWIW [I dont know]
Once must also take into account that the sump temperature is just that. The temperature the oil is exposed to as it curculates through the engine can be much higher.
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