Honda timing belts........

Mar 20, 2008
That's a new belt, But.....The original belt was in good shape. Had a bad/leaky Tensioner causing noise. I have no doubt these belts can go 200K, But rarely can the Tensioner go that far.

I've seen Toyota UZ & MZ belts go 300K before failure, Though they are a much wider belt & Toyota obviously uses a better Tensioner

They're also non-interference, so even if it does break, you just need a new timing belt :)
Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
I recommend against rotating the rear cam gear clockwise, Rotate the front cam gear counter clockwise to remove & install the timing belt. In Fact.....I stop a little short (One tooth) of TDC at the Crank so the rear cam doesn't jump clockwise on valve spring pressure.

Before removing the old belt, I mark it with a paint pen at the 2 cam gear alignment marks....Then transfer the marks to the new belt.
Start with the rear cam which is still out of position-counter clockwise & secure the belt to the cam gear with the painted mark aligned with the mark on the cam gear (I use a Zip Tie).
I started doing this about 10 years ago. With the Mazda JE V6, it always seemed like the timing marks on the cam pulleys and the heads were off by half a tooth. The paint marks took the second-guessing out of the job.