Home Depot to stop selling incandescent lightbulbs July 31st.

LED's are fine except for the excessive blue light that is bad for eye's and can accelerate macular degeneration.
They also have to have a circuit board something else to short out and cause fires.
I sure don't want one as a night light.
Low wattage incandescent are just safer. Also if you need a low wattage heat source for chickens or an outside dog house LED's will not
work for that. I like LEDs way better than florescent.
Nice to be forced to have to use dangerous things.
LED means end of chicken and y'all have to eat beef.

I bought a couple of baby chicks coming home from school i.e. without permission. Had a big box and a low wattage red incandescent bulb and they loved it. When they got bigger, we let them roam the yard. They ate or destroyed my mom's garden and stuff ... She made me give them away to a nearby farm lady. They had more fun over there but that's why I can't use 0W-20 or thinner oils. The missing HTHS reminds me of my chicks' departure. :ROFLMAO:
Looks like it's a new law:

"In May of 2022, the Department of Energy issued new standards for lighting products. Starting August 1, 2023, the sale of incandescent and halogen bulbs will be banned. Due to a push toward energy efficiency, bulbs that produce less than 45 lumens per watt will be illegal to sell. This includes bulbs such as:

  • Traditional A19 bulbs
  • Traditional PAR30 bulbs
  • Traditional Decor bulbs
This means it will be illegal to sell, manufacture or import such bulbs. Manufacturers and retailers were notified of this in January 2023. This will eliminate most halogen and incandescent bulbs currently on the market. Manufacturers were ordered to stop producing these bulbs in January, but the full enforcement will begin in July."

Wow, you won't be able to even buy them on eBay legally from old stocks. Is there a provision for vintage light bulb collectors?
If I ever win the lottery, I plan to open a vintage battery & light bulb museum. Everyone will think I'm crazy until they see how 'successful' and rich it made me. The UK banned sale of incandescent bulbs about a decade ago. Heavy duty (for inspection lights) & quartz oven bulbs were an exception. Nobody really missed them. Oh and we cannot buy vacuum cleaners above a certain Wattage too: 900W...