"High mileage" oils, which one?

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Jul 15, 2002
Mississauga, Ontario
I haven't seen much if any analysis of these "high mileage" oils.. My mom's Corolla, 110K miles is burning oil regularly.. My parents don't check the oil very often,
so I'm thinking if she used one of these it would help with the burning and driving with the oil low. Which oil would you guys choose, Castrol, QuakerState, Valvoline, etc? I'm leaning towards Castrol as their regular GTX line seems to produce pretty good analysis numbers for a dino oil.
There are a couple of analysis results in my car using 10w30 Maxlife. First one wasn't so good, second one wasn't bad at all, mainly due to it being right after an Auto-rx treatment.

Search in the UOA section under Maxlife.
I was wondering why is it using oil. Is it carboned up piston rings,or is it bad valve guide seals .If it is not to cold where your mom lives try STP to thicken up the oil and if that helps then it may be a ring problem.If it is valve guide seals then probably thicker oil may not make a difference. just an idea to try as it is low cost.
I'm not sure why it uses oil.. I don't see any unusal smoke out of the tail pipe.. If it's just "old age" and the oil is getting by the seals, wouldn't these oils help with that?
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