Hi-vis Jacket for Next Riding Season ...

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Jul 2, 2007
This hi-vis job is supposed to be more true yellow instead of the usual greenish yellow. Guess I'll find out this week or next when it's delivered. Helmet is silver.
Where from and how much? I got this one about a month ago. I like it so far, and am waiting for it to warm up to take the liner out and see how well the mesh jacket feels in warm weather. It is more yellow than it looks in the pic, but does still have a little hint of green to it. It does have a little more black than I would like, but still very visible. I still wish I had gotten a hi-vis helmet instead of a color match for the bike (a dark maroon). I also have hi-vis gloves.
That's a lot of yellow to live with LOL I just use a hi viz vest over my normal jacket whenever it seems pertinent to do so. Much cheaper too.
blupupher: Revzilla, $179. Reddy45: Agreed. I was on the fence about going hi-vis, but 12 weeks of crutches and neck brace last year nudged the decision in favor of trying to be as visible as possible.
LOVE the color almost identical in color to my joerocket mesh jacket with silver now the #1 color of cars, that for a helmet might not make you stand out. but that jacket sure will! however, like said above, a non-aware driver still wont see you
I've being commuting daily in a full Hi Viz jacket for years. They are definitely safer but boy do they show the dirt. I think my next one will be a part Hi Viz with black lower section, cuffs and collar. These parts are hardly seen by other road user but will help to keep the jacket looking respectable.
UPDATE Delivered today and..... It's green as feck. Not even CLOSE to the photos. Practically a few tones off from lime. Revzilla is good about returns as long as unused, calling for RMA number tomorrow. Search continues. This is why I don't care for ordering articles of clothing online. First off I'm hard to fit and second, pictures aren't always accurate.
Would you consider a high viz vest over a regular jacket? High viz fades, gets dingy and becomes low viz long before riding gear wears out. This way, any of your jackets or riding suits becomes high viz simply by putting the vest on over, and you can restore the high viz as easily as replacing the vest. You didn't like the yellow of that jacket you ordered. With a vest you can choose high viz yellow, orange or fuschia. Whatever high viz shade you want. Speaking of visability, I think silver is one of the least eye catching colors for a helmet. I like white (for being visible without being obnoxious), but I'd certainly consider high viz if it were an option in lids that meet my needs--it's not. My current lid is naked carbon fiber, but has a little high viz reflective 3M Diamond Grade tape (amazing stuff for day/night conspicuity) Best conspicuity thing I've done I think is amber photon blasters. Not blinding by any means, but they have a subtle eye-catching flicker. https://www.skenelights.com/online-store/Photon-Blaster-p80153941 A commuter I sold a bike to saw them on my other bike and bought a set for himself.
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