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Feb 9, 2004
Hi all! Hey just after a few bit's of advice and thoughts on a couple of Australian Oils I'm trying to chose from. A mate and I are trying to chose a good quality general purpose and High Performance oil. We been using just the Repco SG 20w 50 workshop grade stuff as a general work shop type oil. (The highest selling oil in Australia) Were just looking in to a few different brands and so on, but with in the same weigh so to speak 15w 50's and 20w 50's.. Where I have become a bit stuck is trying to chose between an top Mineral oil like BP Visco 3000, that reads great in it's PDS and something like Valvoline Durablend that's got some Synthetic's in it but does not read as strong as the top quality mineral oil in it's PDS. But then it comes back to, is it a case of through a small amount of Synthetic's in the formula and then push it off as a higher quality oil???? So I have made a list of the ones we are thinking about and looking at. I can provide some PDS read outs if someone wanted to have a look? If there are any fellow Australians out there that would like to leave there thoughts or comments next to the brands listed below that would be much appreciated. Caltex Havoline Premium BP Visco 3000 Pennzoil GT Performance Valvoline Maxlife Valvoline Durablend. Thanks all.
To put the 3 major ones I am thinking about next to each other are there any thoughts about what is better. BP Visco 3000 Caltex Havoline Premium Valvoline Durablend
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