Help me choose a zero turn.

Jacksonville, Texas
I would definitely look at a SCAG it will check every box and be at the top of any list.
Second that. I have a 2006 Scag Wildcat. I opted for the liquid cooled Kawasaki, 26or 27 hp can't remember at the moment. 52" fabricated deck, built like a tank. I think it has 15-18 grease fittings. I mow about 1 1/2 acres during season and mow leaves on a smaller part of it this time of year. I paid $7500 for it new and it's been worth it, The only problem I had was a belt jumped the pully, probably a gumball got up there. Blade change is a little awkward, put blade and spacer on big 5/8 bolt and it goes up from bottom of spindle and nut on top of pully, spindle are 1 1/8 diameter cast iron. with zerks to grease bearings. I put extended length zerks so it is easier to grease. No fuel gauge but two tanks with fuel selector, so if you start on one and run out you can switch to the other and keep going. I think each tank holds just under 5 gal on mine. I am currently running two blades on each shaft a full size gator blade and a smaller 12" blade on top to help mulch, works great.