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May 27, 2002
When I hit the quote function "Quote" shows up and nothing else. Told you I was deficient in this stuff. Man it's a miracle you guys on the net have ever heard of me !
"Just because a synthetic is a base III oil dont mean that it stinks! Its just overpriced!"

Yea, but if it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it should probably be shot anyway!
Just kidding Chris J!

Welcome to the Dr. Dimento oil web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello, my name is chris and i am a motor oil addict. there, I've said it!!! Wait a sec....is this the oil addicts recovering web site? Just kidding! Although I do feel like I am addicted because for the past 1 month or so I have done nothing but research and I hardly know much more than when I started!

After reading a few posts, I see that most of you guys like Chevron Supreme and I agree with that wholly. Right now I am using Shell Rotella T syn. and afterwards I will switch to Syntec(I know the devil!) 10W-30 and then finally to BMW synthetic oil. I only got the Syntec cause it was on sale at wal-mart here in Atlanta in a 5-qt jub (like Mobil 1 has) for just $15.40. Too cheap to pass up and it is a good oil. I would actually use it reguarly if it only cost $3/qt or so and they re-named it Castrol GTX Magnatec-cause thats all it is.

Anyways, glad to be here and talk to yall later!

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Chris welcome ! I'm a computer illiterate and can't quote your snappy saying below your post but it is right on !
I agree with his sig line too! I mentioned that in another thread he posted in.

By the way Terry, you can't use the quote function when it comes to the person's sig line. You'll notice when you hit the quote function, it only puts the text above their sig line into that response.
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