Havoline synthetic 10w-30 = high flash / low NOACK

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Feb 20, 2004
Dearborn , Michigan
I was browsing their site and couldn't believe it. Flash point C/F 258/496 NOACK 5% cSt at 40C 61.4 cSt at 100C 10.1 pour point C/F -44/-47 Looks darn good for a group III, actually looks better than mobil 1(group IV); but you never hear much about it. This oil has been showing great UOA's. By the way, this is the only havoline PDS (dated sept/02) that differs from chevrons(oct/02), here's those specs: Flash point C/F 249/480 NOACK N/A cSt at 40C 66.3 cSt at 100C 10.4 pour point C/F <-51/<-60 Thicker at 40C with a lower pour point, I wonder if it has a bit more depressants? I think these are both excellent oils! [ April 17, 2004, 06:14 AM: Message edited by: 69 Riv GS ]
I have a sample kit from Blackstone waiting for my 2002 Explorer oil to be changed. It has 3,500 miles on the Havoline Synthetic 5W-30 as of now. I am going to test it at 5,000 miles but leave the oil in until I get the results back from Blackstone. This is the first UOA I will have done on this engine so I am real excited to see the results. [Happy]
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