gtradial CHAMPION ICEPRO for Volvo

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Jan 4, 2008
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Cousin has old volvo 245, thinking about snow tires. I see GTRADIAL Champion Icepro (or similar) at DTD, ready for studding in 185/75 14 @ $53 each. $50 visa card if purchased on their card. I think still free shipping, and no tax in Mass? So if I understand it right, if she can find 4 steel Volvo wheels the all up price w/ local mounting might be $225? plus used wheels. Anyone familiar with these tires? Where made? Thoughts? This is intended for local driving on Cape Cod and hopefully removed every spring. Theses are not car people but that sounds worthwhile pricewise. Haven't looked at anything else - not sure they will go for this. Thanks!
No experience with those tires at all, but my opinion is that if you can convince them to get snow tires, any snow tires, even if they're from an off brand, it'll be better than the best all seasons. With that said, I would also consider playing with different tire sizes. I did a quick search on tirerack and they have Firestone winterforce tires in 195/70r14 for 57 each. Plus Goodyear UltraGrips for 59 each, plus a $40 MIR. I know conventional beliefs are that narrower tires are better in snow, but I'd personally rather buy Firestone or Goodyear tires for about the same price or less. Nice of you to try get your cousin in snows!! Oh, one other option is to check craigslist for a set of used snows that are the same bolt pattern and similar offset. Even if they only have one winter season of tread left, it could defer the cost of new snow tires for a year.
im sure you could find a decent set of wheels and tires from any 700/900 series Volvo and they'll fit too. Most used sets on CL still have reasonable tread, with the car rusting away long before the tires wore out but yeah, pretty much any name brand snow tire in that size will work fine. that's one of the great things I love about those old cars, tires are dirt cheap compared to what tires for newer cars go for
I would not pay over $35 each for the GT Radial. The best budget priced studdable winter is arguably the General Altimax Arctic. Have read of numerous quality problems with theFirestone Winterforce. As already suggested, consider a 195 tire with the same diameter as 185/75R14. A 195/70R14 would be within 0.2 inches of the OE size.
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Is that size a typo 185/75r14? I'm thinking you meant 185/70r14 since they actually make the tire you listed in that size. They look like they would be superior to all seasons at least on snow. Not sure if they would be better than a top tier all season such as the h727 or rt43 on ice.
Snow tires on a volvo? yes, yes yes. Look for 14" rims first, they are available on but rare. 15s are all over.
They look like a good tire. The tread looks open enough that they would be decent in the heavy snow, too! There's 3 or 4 cars in the parking lot with "Runway" snow tires.
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They look like a good tire. The tread looks open enough that they would be decent in the heavy snow, too! There's 3 or 4 cars in the parking lot with "Runway" snow tires.
Are you sure they dont say, " RUN AWAY"!!! LOL
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