Greasing bushings of control arms

Aug 30, 2004
How does one load the suspension with the vehicle raised high on a lift, the very definition of unloaded suspension?

I've always torqued the bolts down by crawling underneath the car with it on the ground (or on ramps) and wheels installed, but I'm extremely skeptical that most pros follow this practice. I have a hunch that most slap a control arm on with the car on the lift, then proceed to tighten the bolts as they are with no effort at all to load the suspension.
Use a pole jack, then raise/lower the lift as needed.
Jul 24, 2010
Watch this video from A-1 Auto. Even after the torquing the bolts to 140 ftlbs, the bushings were free to rotate with a pry bar. The force of bouncing down the road is considerably more that pry bar. The bushings are capable of rotating. They will find their own neutral point, then flex with rotation after that. Watch carefully at 18:19. He didn't even bother to hook up the ball joint. However, he did move the control arm to horizontal but even that is a waste of time because the bushing was free to rotate as he pulled it towards the ball joint to make it up. Its only the very last movement where the bushing was flexing. Thanks for all the free advice.

That upper ball joint seem like doesn’t have any grease in them . I think most of them are coming in like that