GM Spending Big Money on EV Production Plants

There’s a company like a giant bear ready to wake up in Toyota. I have a feeling it will be game changing what they come up with in the next several years. They are pretty quiet on pure ev so far. Like the Prius there it is suddenly and no one has anything like it. I think that’s how the Prius was even though I read where GM actually was first with the power split transmission in their Allison division. Or at least concurrent with Toyota.

I've always been very happy with my Toyota product.
If there is one are where the Japanese lack it's in software development- the cornerstone of a BEV.
We'll see what they come up with, but they are losing ground at a high rate of speed.
I had read they are accelerating their electrification program by 5 years.
No, there's also the alternative evil, that's for certain. Just look at them where you find 'em. In all honesty invoking Nezzy² right now with two giant eyes each for example

You generally can't trust the idea of regenerative fuels therefore. They might from the beginning be powered by the alternative evil and end up buffering evil output anytime. Diesel universities just banking on Dimethyl-ether or gasoline universities banking on hydrogen could be facing fuel cells munching their fruits and not at all find salvation of the innermost combustion engine.

Memorize their faces!
I have solar panels; got them before the Tesla. It will take at most 6 more years to break even; then about 18 years of almost free electricity. Solar panels are the best improvement I have made on our house; it's a no brainer if there ever was one. I pay $10 per month to be connected to the PGE grid. The Tesla only accelerates the break even point.
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All the Tesla drivers I’ve seen drive 55 mph to preserve their charge. How lame. Here in California, they shut our power when the wind blows. Imagine having to hook up so many cars to the grid and no one can charge their cars, unless you purchase $30k solar panels. Some wise guys haven’t thought it through. It’s just another industry that some have invested big and want to make it big. It’s as if only the oil executives are evil guys and deemed to be locked up according to 1% Joe.
Amazing amount of imagined and illogical facts there. It isn’t all or none there will be both, and I thought politics was banned.
The New Man – found on the russian board, points to a czech cloud, deals with the Stuttgart juniors and organizes your decline.
Just kidding. It's there because their constituents don't trust their workforce and themselves in keeping up with the far east on an individual basis.

Probably means 2021 is the new year :)

Now if only they can get their dealers on board :rolleyes:

That would require honest dealers that properly diagnose problems at a reasonable cost

Amazing amount of imagined and illogical facts there. It isn’t all or none there will be both, and I thought politics was banned.

Many TSLA drivers are former Prius drivers, they likely want the best “economy “ off their charge while obeying speed limits like everyone else.

As an aside I have seen many a Lamborghini or Corvette driven gently in the slow lane, not everyone needs 200 mph in a 25mph zone
The tech elephant not on mars is there

Opel was caught by surprise when people began ordering its Mokka-e now – but Opel is no longer part of GM. Which leaves the question of naming GM vehicles for Europe. Baby Cadillacs ahead?

I bought our 1985 Olds 88 in 1992 and kept it until 2019, and I bought our 2001 Impala in 2004 and kept it until 2020. We put low miles on both of those cars each year and kept them for a long long time. If they were electrics the limit on years of battery life would have made them not worth keeping that long.
Remember 1958 science class watching a movie short on every home having it`s own nuke plant. Surely we have now progressed to the point where our transportation can be accomplished this way.
Did they really not show the corvette SUV in that video? A V8 hybrid these days must become a mild hybrid, an economy oriented version – only a six or four cylinder 1000hp combo now could scream alarm and signal Le Mans or highway competence – and Corvette would be the right name for that Nordschleifen-SUV. Last chance.
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