General Grabber Arctic LT

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Apr 13, 2016
Just put a set of General Grabber Arctic LT studded snow tires on my 2500hd plow truck. So far I'm very happy with them. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with them?
I have a set (non studded) on my GMC Sonoma. They're decent but not close in traction to the Blizzaks I have on my Cadillac SRX. But the Generals are a lot less expensive and quieter on the road. I remember back in the 70s in Michigan having studded bias ply snow tires...they were phenomenal on ice and compressed snow. Because they are illegal in Illinois and Wisconsin, studded snows aren't seen much in close by Indiana where I live now.
They’re on the Jeep right now. The set was $500 less than the Nokian Hakkas that I really wanted, and I’ve been pleased with their performance.
I always put on snow tires from mid Nov to mid April. For the past 3 years I have put General Altimax on and they have done well, though we have not really had a major major snow storm for a few years, but they do way better than any all season tire that is for sure. The tread pattern is similar, but the Grabbers cost a bit more. I will probably stay with the Altimax as long as they make them. Usually snow tires last a good 6-8 years for me. General make good snow tires.
I've also used the General Altimax Artic in the past. They were excellent in snow and slush. They did very well on compacted snow and were respectable on rough ice.
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