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Dec 11, 2005
Cincinnati, OH
Group, I am thinking of making the move from Mobil1 5W30 EP to GC 0W30 for my 99 300M w/102k. What I was thinking for an OCI was 10K with filter change at 5K. I know the filter change may not be necessary, however...it would give me piece of mind, and certainly wouldn't hurt the oil. From what I've read on here, the 0W30 is thicker than 30 when warm. Which is what I want. But is there that much of a difference between GC 0W30, and 0W40??? I am going to use a Wix filter for the media, either the 51515, or the 51773. I am contemplating this change from Mobil1 because from what I've seen here, the EP5W30 seems to thin out when hot. Not good when racing. I don't race all the time....but in the Spring, and Fall...it gets ~ 100 passes total. Any thoughts?? [Big Grin]
If you're using a WIX filter don't waste one by changing at 5K miles. I run mine to 10K w/no problems. Also, GC only comes in 0w30. No 0w40 that I know of. Somebody else correct me if I'm wrong.
I ran GC in my wife's Sequoia for thirteen months and 10k miles, with an interim filter change at six months, and the oil was fine. Both end and mid UOA are posted. Of course, that's from a 2UZ. . .
GC only comes in 0w30. No 0w40 that I know of. Somebody else correct me if I'm wrong.
I saw Syntec 0W40, but it was made here in the US. But I gave it a thought as well. But I think I am decided on the GC. I also know that M1 has a 0W40. But in the end, if GC is a heavy 30, and M1 is a light 40...it might just balance out.
I looked up mobil1 0w-40 being like 14.3 CST @ 100 degrees or something...isn't that pretty high for a 40wt? I mean I know GC is 12.2 or so....I saw other 40wt oils such as mobil1's own 15w-40 EP...thats around 14 too...what gives?
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