Fumoto Valve - lost the retention clip

Well, Fumoto looks like it came from a Home Depot plumbing section, so there is that, $20 is still quite a lot for such a simple device.
And after having one for a few years now, it OK at best IMO.
Don't judge a book by its cover. I had the Fumoto with the nipple on my Passat (since the filter was under the car)...and never bothered with the safety spring clamp.

But, imagine going to change your oil and then you realized you misplaced the adapter needed to open the valve and drain the oil. That's the simplicity the Fumoto gives you.
I bought a high mileage V6 Camry to fix up a few years back. The previous owner always took the car to a local shop for oil change services; that shop installed a Stahlbus easy drain valve. So I get the car but don't have the drain piece. No problem; I can remove the pan valve. To my surprise, it took almost nothing to break torque on the Stahlbus; in fact the top of the threads were broke and the threads were left in the pan female threads. I was in deep yogurt! Luckily a pencil magnet spun the Stahlbus threads out.

I had a spare Toyota oil drain plug on hand.
Here's the Camry; it had 232K on the clock. Nice car, actually.