Full-SAPS A3/B4 A40-style Euro lube with a twist...

There's nothing impressive about that. You can buy oem approved traceline dye for motor oil in many different colors and blend your own custom color oil.
I know. I'm well aware. It was just a opening statement for the rest of the post.
Is it correct calling this an A3/B4 lube when A3/B4 specifically calls for a HTHS of >3.5?

I understand stating that this is a 0w20 lubricant using an A4/B4 or Porsche A40 style additive package. But to state "Meets or exceeds" seems incorrect to me and quite misleading.
As clearly articulated in the OP:
I made the mistake of asking Dave @High Performance Lubricants if they could do their Euro Super Car 0w-40 (502/505, A3/B4, A40, 229.5, A40...etc), but in a 0w-20. He said of course they could. Thought it was a neat idea. Obviously it isn't licensable/appropriate for those approvals because the HTHS isn't high enough, but it's the same additive package.

The PDS for this personally-blended product was sent to me and I shared it here, making it crystal clear in the description that this is NOT a licensed A3/B4 product. The additive package "meets or exceeds" the performance requirements for those approvals, but clearly, the oil CANNOT be licensed for them because of the grade.

So yes, it's an A3/B4 "style" (as in, it uses the additive package for that ACEA category and its associated OEM approvals) lubricant, as the title of the thread states, it is NOT an A3/B4 lubricant. Note the difference.

There's absolutely nothing misleading or incorrect. Nobody is stating that the oil is a formal A3/B4 lubricant, it's STYLED after that type of lubricant, by using the same additive package, I can't believe I'm having to clarify that at at this juncture. I'm the audience for the PDS, who fully understood was I was requesting, not the general public. That's why I provided the context in the first post of this thread to make that clear.

Furthermore: This PDS DOES NOT appear on their website. If you go looking for this oil, which was blended SPECIFICALLY for ME, you will see it mentioned under the Super Car oil heading with the following qualifier:
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 5.33.21 PM.jpg

@High Performance Lubricants has made it abundantly clear in their customer-facing literature that while this oil exists, it cannot be A3/B4 502 00/505 00 A40...etc because this category does not allow for the 0W-20 viscosity.

Please, ensure your reading comprehension is on-point before making accusatory allusions to dishonest, misleading or nefarious motives/practices. Nobody else here seemed to struggle with the concept of the product, or the clearly laid-out qualifiers/caveats, perhaps you should have taken that into consideration before authoring this post?