Fuel injector cleaner Vs "Octane booster"

Feb 25, 2009
I usually like to fill up with premium at Costco before long trips to avoid the shady gas stations on the highway, but it was unavailable last few weeks in my area. ( Assume same brand product comparison) Would Fuel injector cleaner be a close second if octane booster is not available to squeeze a few extra miles out of a full tank on a day trip?
If your vehicle manufacturer does not spec premium fuel, you'll benefit less (if any) in fuel savings that the higher cost of the premium fuel.

Of course it still makes sense to fill up before a trip rather than "needing" to in the middle unless you want to use the restroom or stretch your legs or eat, etc, but as far as shady gas stations, if you are going far enough to need a refill, surely you would be passing by some top tier stations along the way and can fuel up there.