Frankenbrew oil change

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I just changed the oil in my wife's '97 Expedition with 113k miles. I used the following: 5 qt's. Valvoline Maxlife 5w30 1 qt. Chevron Delo 15w40 Valvoline Maxlife oil filter Have any of you BITOGers ever mixed HDEO & PCMO like this?
I mix all the time, but I only stick to one oil manufacturer to avoid possible clashing with the base oils and/or add-packs. I use Delo 15-40 with Chevron or Havoline oils. I use Delvac 15-40 with Exxon, Mobil, Napa oils. You can also try Motorcraft 15-40 with Conoco, Trop-Artic or Kendall oils. Your Maxlife is a high viscosity already. You thinned-out the seal conditioners in the Maxlife when you added the Delo. I've tried all the maxlifes/high mileage oils out there. To me, the best one for my Caravan is the Castrol. It cut my oil use in half.... Pennzoil, Valvoline & Mobil didn't.
This really isn't an off-the-wall combo, it actually seems like a pretty good homebrew to me. Here's a Maxlife 5W-30 VOA that indicates the rather high 200+ ppm of moly in the latest add pack. Delo 15W-40 also has moly. I consider the HDEO's that have magnesium detergent/dispersants in the add packs as dis-similar and not a good candidate for blending with PCMO's that have moly. With this blend, you have a stout 5W-30 Maxlife with higher TBN & more solvency, plus some longer chain hydrocarbons, at the film thickness level, for the warmer temps of summer. Didn't run this blend thru the viscosity calculator. but my best guess is it's a mid-range 12-13 cSt blend.
Originally posted by Pablo: Nothing too exotic there, IMHO. The question to you: Why and how did you chose this blend?
I returned an item to Wal-Mart. My refund was $2.41. I didn't have any more money on my person at that exact moment. I really needed a 6th qt. of Maxlife, but another qt. would have cost more than the $2.41 I had in my hand. I didn't want a plane-jane dino oil, so I chose the Delo. Nothing scientific in my choice. [Wink]
For some odd reason, the 6 qt's of oil I poured in the Expedition yesterday didn't bring it to the full mark on the dipstick. In fact, it was approx 1/2 qt. low. Come to think of it, this Expedition has always been like that. Anyway, I needed to add a 1/2 qt of oil. So, what did I choose from the Oilstashio????........drumroll please........Castrol Syntec Blend 10w40. [Eek!] [Freak] It's been sitting in the garage for 6 months or so, & it seemed to be saying: "I'm good oil, too; why don't you love me? [Frown] (sobbing)" So, I had no choice really. Well, that's my story & I'm stickin' to it. [Smile]
My wildest/oddest concoction due to a miscount of what I had on hand ended up with 3 quarts Rotella 15w40, 1 quart Valvoline AC 10w30, 1 quart Mobil 1 10w30 (in a Ford 5L). Alex.
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