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Nov 16, 2002
FWIW, My dad just bought a new Crown Victoria...looks just like an undercover cop car...big boat!
The manual says use a 5w-20 oil that meets Ford's specs. It says nothing about voiding a warranty if you use another wt. oil. It also talks about fuel efficiency. So for all the Ford people out there, I really dont' think you should worry about using a 30wt oil. check with your dealer too bc they told me I could use a 30wt (they actaully put in Amsoil 5w-30 oil at my request in my wife's Focus).

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Read yor warranty booklet. Page 8 of my 2002 Ranger booklet states: "Your new vehicle limited warranty does not cover damage caused by...using the wrong part, fuel, oil, lubricants, or fluids." Although is states the damage must be caused by using the wrong oil, the language is there to deny a claim.
That doesn't mean anything. You won't hurt the engine by using a 30 or even 40wt oil. It's all about fuel efficiency. My wife's Focus felt NO different with a 30wt. oil.
In plain everyday "English"... There AIN'T NO WAY I WOULD PUT A 20 WT in anything, well maybe a moped.... But I also doubt that.

Think about it. When your driving in the summer and it is 98 deg out and the weight of your oil is going to max out at a 20 wgt, and that is when it is new oil. Can't wait to see what happens when it has about 2,000 miles on the oil and it drops to a 5w10. Very very Scarry... But then again, never liked Fords anyway.
I just found Delvac 1 5w40.... the perfect wt for my truck as far as Im concern. Runs great. Has around 120,000 on the truck. I have 300 miles on the oil with a K&N Filter. I am going to send my first every sample at 3,000 just to see what it look like. I just want to see how it holds TBN and Zinc. And of course wear metals. My truck calls for 5w30 or 10w30.

Guy I worked with always used, and NO I am not endorsing, because I have never been thrilled with this oil, but he always used Rotella 15w40 in his fords Trucks... Never had an oil related problem with the engine. And he took it over 200,000 miles.

So I agree with the person that said, there is no 1 oil for every car. I also liked to expairment. Its sort of like going to the doctor, but you know how you really feel .. Well, I kind of think that way with vehicles. you can just tell when you have a good combination and it is running well.

I don't sell anything. But I also use the Lucas Fuel additive. because of the upper cylynder lubricant. I think this is one of the better fuel additives there is... Just my opinion.

What does this have to do with the ford Spec?


Nice title...

Meeting Ford's requirements of a 20wt oil. Specification....
tenderloin: how much mpg and hp are you losing? Care to explain?

Simple answer: not much if at all!

What year Crown Vic did your dad get?

The 01-up have the Mustang GT engine (Same engine block, heads, etc...) while the 2003s get knock sensors which explains the 239 hp vs 235 for 01-02.

The 03s also are on a new chassis, suspension, and steering with ugly steel rims for the cop cars.

You should check out the 03 and 04 Mercury Marauder: the Crown Vic chassis in monochrome scheme w/ the 4.6L DOHC V8 de-tuned Cobra motor. 300 hp and 300+ ft-lb of torque.
He has the mustang engine in it. I think it has235 or 224hp. They are the last big American car made today. He looked into the Marauder and that is what he originally wanted but he went for the othe one.

With my sons 2.0L Zetec DOHC, the MPG difference is near 2mpg less with the 30 weights. He is currently running German Castrol 0w-30 and the same is happening.

As far as HP, while we have not dyno'd it or ran it through the 1/4 mile, one can feel a difference in engine revving as well as performance.

The butt dyno does not lie
Maybe not, but some people's butt dynos are in need of recalibration!

LOL You've been talking to my wife..........

I still stand by my post about MPG and HP

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Back to your question...Your father's owner's manual probably says that the oil must meet Ford's WSS-M2C153-H specification. And the warranty section says something about the fact that they won't pay for an engine repair if an oil is used that doesn't meet this spec.

So, use your choice of oils that meet the Ford WSS-M2C153-H spec...and they'll all be xW-20 oil. Sorry, I don't like it either, but that's just the way it is.

Actually, part of that Ford specification is that the oil be a 5w-20 grade, so if you want to get picky a 0w-20 won't satisfy the requirement, either.

Running a 5w-30 isn't going to cause a problem in any of these Ford engines if you don't like the idea of running a 5w-20 oil. It's mainly an attempt to save about 0.5% in fuel consumption, along with a corresponding amount in exhaust emissions.

Yeah chances are the 5w-20 would outperform a dino 5W-30 considering the 5w-20 is a synth blend.

So why not just go w/ a full synth 5W-30? It would outperform the synth blend 5W-20.

As for 0W-20, the 5W-30 would have more thermal stability than the 0W-20.
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