ford f150 4.6(best oiland filter combo) dino!!

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Jul 24, 2004
north carolina
my truck has 81k on it. no oil leaks feels strong.what do you guys think is the best oil for it ?ford says 5w20.currently im using castrol HM 5w30 but like i said i do not have any leaks.what is the best regular dino oil?i hear that QS and PENZ are not to great and that the best right know are valvoline and far as oil filters all I use is motorcraft is there anything better in the same price range?how about changing to 10w30 I live in north carolina where i guess we get all 4 seasons cold winters and hot there a lot of difference in 5w20 going up to 10w30?or should i stay in the middle (5w30)i know im asking to many questions but any advice is appreciated TKS

Guess, you heard wrong.
Pennzoil is actually one of the best dino's on the market. Pennzoil and Castrol are very good. QS and Valvo aren't quite up to the same level.

I'd run the Motorcraft filter and the Motorcraft oil. Motorcraft oil is good stuff.

I don't own this engine, so I won"t comment on wich weight is best.
WIX filter is not in the same price range but I think it's worth the extra $3. #51372 is interchangable with fl820s i think.
Motorcraft oil is a very good value, too. I don't know what grade is best either but I use 10w30.
The MC 5W-20 is/was a better built oil than the MC 5W/10W-30. However it appears that they have recently been reformulated to include some Group III as well (10W-30 report is unsubstantiated).

It is however technically a synthetic blend. However at under a $1.50 QT at Wal-Mart it is a excellent buy.

It seems to give outstanding results in the Ford Modular OHC V-8 and V-10 even when used during heavy towing.

The Ford WSS-M2C-153H test for approval of a 5W-20 motor oil is very tough. Much tougher than the tests most 5W/10W-30 oils must pass.

BTW if it consumes any oil lighter weights will tend to increase the consumption.


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I agree with others, the MC oil and filters are great values and easily found. If you are uneasy with 5w20, the MC 5w30 is now advertised on the back label to be a blend of synthetic and hydrocracked oil and is $1.42/qt. at my local Walmarts.
Personally, if you're going to use a dino 5W-30 or 10W-30 in a newer Ford Modular motor, ie, 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L V-10 you are most likely better off using the Motorcraft 5W-20. It has to meet higher test standards and stays in grade better than dino 5W-30 and probably even dino 10W-30. It seems to be the "sleeper oil" of the year. You'll get many people who ridicule the use of 5W-20 oil period. As they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink
. But having said that if you are happy using Castrol HM 5W-30 why change now at 81,000 miles if your engine starts and runs quietly without undue start-up racket. At best you'll save few bucks per oil change. If everything is working well why change. The only thing I would do is to get an UOA with professional analysis using the HM oil at your regular oil change interval. This will tell you how well your oil is doing for your engine based upon the type of driving you do.

Agreed, Motorcraft 5W-20 is producing some excellent UOA's in the Ford motors. A Group III basestock evidently is a great choice to blend with Group II for the lighter viscosity oils.

Note that the MC 10W-30 doesn't carry the "synthetic" label and does not contain Grp 3.
For What its worth, I use MC 5w20 and MC filters in both my f150 and Expedition. Started using that combo at about 75k miles on both. F150 has 110k on it and the expedition 100k. OCI is about 5 - 6k miles. Seems to be working well for me so far.
Use this forum's search feature!!

Certain engines come up regularly. This is one. Jeep 4.0L is another.

Lots of (good) discussion already about these motors. Don't let it all go to waste. If the thread doesn't answer your question or you want clarification, resurrect that old thread by posting in it and forcing it to the top.

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Just adding my 2 cents here confirming the same on Motorcraft filters and oil. Excellent stuff. I use the Motorcraft filters exclusively because they are a good filter for a great price.

A note about the 4.6: I've seen people run these engines forever with almost any oil and filter combo in various states of maintenance. IMHO - they are the best engines that Ford has ever made, except for the old 300 inline six. Just keep maintanining it and you'll see it run for a long time.
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