Ford Escape or Hyundai Santa Fe

Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
My daughter is in the hunt for a new to her replacement vehicle. Right now she is seeing 2017-2018 Ford Escapes and Hyundai Santa Fe’s. If we get an Escape, we will go with the 2.0 rather than the 1.6 (?). The one Santa Fe has a V6. AWD is a must. Given similar year, miles and price; which would you choose; Ford or Hyundai?

Note, we live in a small town and the nearest Hyundai dealer is 2 hours away. I think the local Chevrolet dealer does have someone on staff that can work on imports
I think the local Chevrolet dealer does have someone on staff that can work on imports Tesla's.
I think Hyundai is trying harder than ford to make vehicles that people want to spend time in. I know Hyundai has some questionable engines from time to time, but I also feel like late model escapes are simply lacking in care, quality and detail that earlier ones had. I’m sure it’s probably just highly optimized, but I’ll bet the Santa Fe has a heavier, quieter, and more solid feel to it.

i assist in a church garage from time to time, and the issue I find with h/k is past 150k when the small electronics start to nickel and dime folks… 2 hours to replace a small part, over and over again… adds up. I’m not sure if they’ve got the wrench angles all worked out yet, maybe the newer ones are better. So if there are high mileage goals, I might lean back towards the ford. I’m not against ford - but sitting in a few late model fords lately I feel like there’s a lot of cost cutting seen from any angle a regular “non car” person wouldn’t look.
Santa Fe.
Our 2012 2.0T bought in 2011 gave us 261k miles of flawless service.

The Escape is a nice vehicle too.
Escape. Have a 13 in the family with the 2.0 and AWD, 160k of not easy miles. Only repair besides tires/brakes/oil has been one CV axle and CV axle seal. Fast little crossover!
I've never owned one, but I've watched enough repair videos on 2012+ Escapes to steer myself away from them.

I owned a 2008 Hyundai Santa fe that was a great vehicle for the ~40K miles I owned it. Bought it used with ~32K on it.
Is that 2.0 in the Escape the same 2.0 ecoboost with head gasket issues? (Separate of the 2.3L ecoboost issues.) If so, my buddy went through 3 of those engines under 100K.