focus se zytec engine, going to be filled with mobil 1 0w20

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Oct 9, 2002
The car has about 81,000 miles on it, has used motorcraft 5w20 from day 1 and is changed every 3000 miles. Im going to be changing the oil to syn(mobil 1 0w20 and a motorcraft fl2005 filter). My question is, what drain intervals can i expect for this oil, as the regular dino changes were about once per month because my uncle drives about 3000 miles per month, and he got it changed once a month.


I have to ask why change the make of oil this far into the cars life? The Motorcraft seems to do a good job based on UOA. That said, I think 6K is where I would drain the M1, then do UOA to see how its doing.
Just bought 5 quarts of M1 5W-30 for 18.44 at wallyworld and will be changing out the Accord tonight with it and a Purolator filter. After reading a lot of UOA's, I'm going to run 5K changes, which by itself, will be hard for me coming from the 3K/3 months old school of thinking. It's got Pennz. Purebase 5W-30 and I'm debating to take a UOA. I already had one done with a 5W-20 and it was, surprisedly, pretty good shape after 3400. Think I'll wait and do a UOA with the M1. I don't know.....
FYI, my dad has been running mobil 1 5w30 in his Focus ZX-3. He has been running 10,000 mile intervals with purolator filters. He has no UOA's to back this up, but so far it seems to be working.

I'll try to get him to send a UOA in.
Not to rabble rouse,

I just had to interject my perhaps irrational reluctance to use a 20weight oil UOA or not.

Then again the 40weight crowd fears 30's for the same reason. IMO, unless Ford clearly forbids it is to use an Xw30...Mobil 1 10W30 is an exellent recommendation.
Not sure how much difference there is (or even if the same engine) but I have a 96 Zetec in a Mystique. Been running 0W30 (manual call for 5W30)for a few years now with once a year changes, filter at six months with about 8-10,000 miles/year on it. Has 82,000 total miles now. UOA has been fine.
A good 0/5W-30 oil will do fine in the Zetec engine. They don't seem to like heavy oil, especially at start-up. A 10W-30 will not flow fast enough. I know I tried it in my 1996 and start-ups were noticably more painfully noisey. Also they don't like an oil thicker than 30 weight. Again, before I discovered "Bob" I used Syntec 5W-50. Gas mileage was less and power was noticably less than when using a good 5W-30 weight oil. For a few years now I've been using Mobile 1 5W-30 and the engine is content
. You can run the 5W-20 that meets Ford's specs. In fact it's probably better than most dino 5W-30's but not better than a true synthectic 0/5W-30. I myself feel better using a 0/5W-30 instead of the 5W-20 weight because I like to rev the dickens out of it. Of course 5W-20 didn't exist in 1996. It's the 5 speed Contour with the aluminum wheels and larger low profile tires. It's my "poor man's" BMW
. Of course if your dealer is a stickler for using 5W-20 for warranty purposes then of course use the 5W-20 during the warrranty. You won't do any harm.

An addendum to what I said above. If you're going to stick with XW-20 then the Mobil1 0W-20 is preferred over the 5W-20 if you're going to go for oil changes longer than 3-4,000 mile range. Even @ 5,000 miles I would still prefer the Mobil 1. If you're going to change out your oil sooner than 5,000 than a good 5W-20 will do jsut fine.

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