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May 11, 2004
Hey Guys, I've mentioned in several posts that I will be trying the below oils, so I've put together a quick chart outlining their properties. I will be trying each of these for 2k intervals, I started with M1 T&SUV and will be sending each one out for UOAs, unless I really didnt like the oil, in which case I will not bother with a UOA. I will be moving onto GC after the T&SUV is done, then RL, then RP, then Schaeffers. I own a supercharged LT1, so I am looking for an oil of a higher 30wt to mid 40wt, ideally i would like about 13.5 cst@100c.... Thought some of you may be interested in having the numbers all together in one table. Btw, does anyone have the specs for RP 41? They have their street oil specs, but nothing on their racing oils. If you have them post them here and I will put them into the table. Enjoy!  - [ June 18, 2004, 01:17 AM: Message edited by: cweed ]
Originally posted by Steve S: I would go for a 5,000 mile interval 2,000 seems short to test a syn oil
He mentioned before in another thread that he wanted to keep it to 2k so he could get the tests done much quicker. Although I do think 2k is not long enough to truly show how an oil is working.
The ultimate oil database would have some auto brands linked to their respective UOA for that oil.
Patman ,That is my point , a 2,000 mile interval will not show much due to the low wear numbers when the lab tolerances are considered. Then it will become a seat of the pants comparison Where the thin oil will feel a bit more powerful and the thicker oil will be quieter.
Maybe I'll run them for 3k then... most of my driving (98% or so) is city driving so i accumulate miles slowly....
It will also take 2 fills of each oil to even get an idea of how it's going to work in that motor. It seems the first fill will only get the chemistry changed if it's enough different and often show increased wear during this period.
Maybe I'll run them for 3k then... most of my driving (98% or so) is city driving so i accumulate miles slowly...
Then make it time weighted ..not mileage. Your heating/cooling/startup cycles should provide more than enough "events" to judge the oil's characteristics.
goodvibes, I agree with you, which is why what i did with the T&SUV is pour out 4 qts of my old M1 10/30 & 15/50 and fill with T&SUV, then I ran that for 300 miles and changed oil and filter with pure T&SUV. I will most likely do the same for the other oils I'll try, except Redline, just not willing to spend that much hehe. As for doing it by time, that may be a good idea as well, but considering i drive the same amount each month, the time interval should be linear with miles on oil, unless i take a long trip somewhere. The one thing I am concerned about is running into different temperatures during these tests, which may affect wear....
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