Fastest temperature drop I've ever witnessed

I actually got an offer from the Ford dealer in Key West a couple years ago. I had to laugh that of course it would be the dealer in the one part of the country with higher housing prices than Santa Barbara
Maybe, but if you get one of the properties with a “guest house” or enough room to build one, it essentially guarantees phenomenal AirBNB income streams… 😂
We did the Santa train last night with the grandkids not far from Vail. It was super cold, and the roads were not safe. I didn't agree with keeping the activity on the schedule, but was overruled by my Wife and Daughter. After completing the Santa train, felt even more so that the activity should have been cancelled.

Furnace has been on overnight moreso than off. Not going to like my gas bill but the alternative is to freeze.
I hate the 20*F windshield washer fluid that is so common here. It can actually be hard to find the -20*F stuff. It definitely gets colder than 20 in Alabama.


Did not warm up today at all...
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Mine seems to figure it out on it's own, but it is interesting which rooms heat more quickly now.

My heat pump thermostat is pretty stupid. It has no way of knowing the current outdoor temperature, much less what it will be the next morning when it might try to recover.

I have the aux heat disabled by running the white wire through a switch in the basement, which I leave OFF.

That's because this thermostat will turn the aux heat on (which on my system is electric resistance heating) when it's not needed.

Earlier today when it was 6F out it said "AUX HEAT ON" (it wasn't, that switch is turned off) even though it was still at the 68F setpoint. The actual room temp might have been 67.75F but it still wants to turn on the aux heat for that 1/4 degree difference. Stupid.

It can be 45F outside, and if I turn the thermostat up more than 1 degree it'll kick the aux heat on right away--instead of maybe running the system without it for a few minutes to see if it's actually needed (which, at 45F outdoor, it most assuredly is not).

I wonder if there are other thermostats that might be smarter about using aux heat, but for now, I just leave that switch in the basement OFF.

I'm tired of this.

Hot water froze, went and bought the last jerb site heater at tractor supply, then got 12 gallons of kerosene at Home Depot. And yes a lot of my pipes have that goofy gray foam cover that does nothing, time to jerb site this situation with something that is not for indoor use.

We were sitting at a store in Fort Collins today and I glanced at the outside air temperature on the dash. The gauge said 48°F, about a minute later we pulled out of the parking lot and drove two miles north, which took about seven minutes. When we got to our destination seven minutes later, the outside temperature was 16°F. That's a 32°F drop in 7 minutes. I've never seen a temperature drop that quick. Amazing.

This is a screenshot of the temperature gradient from Ventusky.

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I've seen it drop 10 degrees in an hour and then go back up. Colorado has very odd weather at times.