FAQ - GC ( German Castrol )

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I had never heard of this stuff before... period. But I read post #1 and several days later I was in an Autozone and I was able to locate and certify that I had found German Castrol. So I say this FAQ is VERY effective/helpful. Now I need to go learn something more about it than how to ID it.
Thank you. I'm glad to hear that the FAQ is working to some degree. It does need updating and I apologize for the broken links. However, I've been running into various problems since the forum migration. Lets hope I can update sooner, rather than later.
All you have to do is read the first post of this thread to find it sucessfully. That's all I did, and if I can find it by that, anyone can. Had I read farther into the thread and saw the pictures of the bottle, which say european formula, and IRONICALLY it's the only one without GREEN tabs behind the SAE grade... well I wouldn't have had to really even look for it. All I would have had to do was pick it up and look for "Made in Germany"
As regards Canadian availability, I have only ever seen it at either Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire - nowhere else. And since when was there an Autozone store in Canada? None of which I am aware (not that there ain't - just don't think that there are). John.
Since when has Redline not been a "true synthetic" did I miss something? last time i checked red line was one of the few Co's to use high quality ester base in their products.
This is a gr8 thread !! But , the 'thin oil myth' link doesn't work for me !! Just puts me back to the general index !! Help please ?!
Hessam wrote: "Since when has Redline not been a "true synthetic" did I miss something?" What is the origin of this question? Somewhere, someone is confused. Redline is a GroupV based oil. I think that everyone would consider it synthetic - regardless of the definition of "synthetic".
Here's the link for the chart. I haven't updated the FAQ because my format is incompatible with the current forum UBB code. The links don't work because the forum changed it's URL name convention.
I just bought some GC at my Autozone. The date on the bottom indicates that it was made in '06 on the 335th day of the year, which makes it very recent. Why is the SAE rating SL/CF? I thought that newest (and highest) rating was SM. Doesn't it meet that rating, or am I mistaken about the rating thing?
actually the Edge 0W30 says: API CF Meets the engine test requirements of API SM they are the same oil. it doesnt meet the low HTHS or SAPS requirements of API SM. i just ran a VOA on the M06 batch with TBN, looks pretty much the same as M05.
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