f250 - Friction modifier needed... which brand

Oct 26, 2009
Balto, MD
So long story short, I get some shuddering when going up my driveway. I come in at a sharp 90 and then go up hill in a short amount of time and have to snake a bit too, the driveway is like a stretched out "S". Anyway, I think I need to add some modifier. I didnt add any 3 years ago when I did it, but we didnt have this house then neither, other than that feeling I get, I feel nothing any other time... Question is: I know its a [censored] to add this stuff to the rear, the ford bottle of modifier is a hard plastic and I dont know how Im going to be able to get it in there with out spilling some. I saw that Lubegard has some soft packets that looks to be easy and there are some bottles that have a mini spout too. The Ford XL3 doesnt have any spout etc. That leads me to my last part, can I use any friction modifier in the rear, or does/should it be Ford's XL3