75W-90 Synthetic WITHOUT Limited Slip Additive - Mobil Delvac?

Yes they do but the late models have gone to the clutched LSD. I think the other one is available as an option but Im not sure. I have both front and back are open diffs. I’ve only used the 4 wd one time and I was stuck on wet grass in my yard with the nose of the truck down hill.
Oh, interesting. Funny! I've been stuck like that before too! :)
You're comparing two different products - Mobil Delvac 1 Gear Oil 75W-90 and Mobil Delvac 1 Gear Oil LS 75W-90.
Ah, thanks. I thought those both came from the same Delvac product download page. Weird. I don't think the LS version is even for sale in the USA.
I wonder if the OEM Dodge/Chrysler 75W-90 is the Mobil 1 Delvac oil? I was reading another thread about Mobil 1 making these oild for Dodge/Chrysler.
It’s constantly “out of stock” at Summit. I’ve had it in my cart and an email notification request for over a year. I live 5 miles from Summit in Sparks so I’d like to get it without shipping charges. Summit is one weird company.
I thought Mopar and Mobil had a nasty break up and Sopus was supplier.
Oh. Maybe. I was just reading another thread on here about it. It could have been older. I did contact one of my local dealerships here. They don’t know what’s in their OEM fluid either. I sent an email to AAM, manufacturer of the axle, to see what fluid it should take, but nothing back from them yet.