Extended drain for underground mining equipment

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Jun 16, 2003
I would like to know if someone out there have any idea if bypass filters will work in the worst environmental condition which is underground mining and have success in extending drain interval. We currently replace engine oil at 125 hrs, is it possible to extend that to 5000 hrs with a good bypass ? What brand do you recommend ? I really appreciate any feedback and response on this. Currently we consume much on our lubrication, [Duh!]
Mining operations have a very tough environment within which to work. Adding a bypass filter and changing filters more often with frequent topoffs may lengthen your drain intervals. By how much? One can only tell if UOA's are done with sampling on a regular basis. [ June 17, 2003, 09:31 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
I have been retired from the mining industry for five years, but in open pit operations oil changes based on oil analysis are the norm. The large diesel haul truck engines have multi-gallon oil sumps and it proved some years ago that routine oil analysis saved significant amounts of money compared to changing by hours accumulated. Bypass filtering had not been adopted as a standard when I retired and I doubt it has yet. Large underground operations, of which I had limited exposure, had mostly also gone to routine oil analysis successfully and I never saw one using bypass oil filtering.
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