Excited About Wife's New 4Runner

2wd 4Runner. What’s the point?

I wholeheartedly agree that mindlessly getting 4 WD is stupid unless you have a real reason to do that. I go skiing every winter weekend in a 2wd F-150 with Blizzaks. Just amazing capability.

But a 2wd 4Runner gives you the ride, handling and mpg disadvantages of a 4Runner without the advantages.

These days there are probably a dozen vehicles that can give you reliable transportation until your fetus is ready for his own driver’s license.
We had a new 2016 4Runner that was 2WD. Loved it. Did not need the 4WD. Some people just like a 4Runner.


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Yakima makes great racks and great gear.

Got my first set in about 1983. Used 2x4 for crossbars, clamped onto the rain gutters of my Oldsmobile. Less wind noise than you might imagine. They held up forever.

Had Yakima crossbars on my old 4 Runner. They replace the factory crossbars and were very sturdy. Might be hard to see in the picture, but those are the old round style Yakima bars. Held Skyboxes, kayaks, skis and a remarkable amount of lumber from Lowe’s.

Had a Yakima bike rack on my Expedition many years ago. Great bit of gear.

Have a Yakima Skybox 16 on my daughter’s Volvo wagon with Volvo crossbars.

Put Yakima crossbars and a kayak stacker on my son’s Volvo wagon.

Yakima isn’t cheap, but their stuff works very well and lasts forever. Moreover, they stand behind it. I had an early Skybox, it had a problem, and they cheerfully sent me a whole new Skybox. Still have that Skybox here at the house. It’s been outside for a decade. Still looks great. Still works perfectly


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