Euro Spec Oil in GM Vehicle?

Jan 23, 2013
About to purchase a new truck with GM's new-ish L3B 2.7L turbo 4-cylinder engine. I've become a fan lately of the MB229.51 and VW50400/50700 specs over GM's Dexos1-Gen3.

GM requires Dexos1-Gen3 5W-30 but many of the "Euro" formulas that meet MB229.51 and VW50400/50700 seem to be superior and meet/exceed Dexos1-Gen3.

Anyone run into any problems running the Euro spec oils in a GM engine? Below is a general spec comparison from Lubrizol and a datasheet comparison of various oils I've had my eye on. Amsoil, Redline's and HPL's European oil are looking pretty nice!


5W-30 Comparison.JPG
GM's own Euro spec is dexos2 (blue logo), which is based on C3. PP Euro L at Walmart is dexos2 and is likely the cheapest/easiest to find dexos2/C3 out there.

There is no problem whatsoever! Go C3 oils like Mobil1 ESP 0/5W30.

if you can find it :sneaky:
Go a head and run any SP rated euro oil which is guaranteed to not cause an issue. Quaker state euro 5w-40 is popular.
MB 229.52 is now a more stringent test against LSPI. C2 is a fuel efficient version of C3 and oil can actually pass both tests at same time.
We only know that Mercedes has a LSPI test for THEIR engines. We don't know whether it's more stringent than the test under API SP (ACEA A7/B7, C6)
Your GM product may develop an unknown European accent, which may be nearly impossible to comprehend. Even some of the English accents can be a challenge...even when you understand the accent, the meanings can be odd, such as "bangers and mash", "knackered", "barmy". Then Italian: "rompere le scatole" and German: "kummerspeck", and French: "ah, la vache!" Proceed with caution. Ciao!