Estate Vehicle Question

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Aug 29, 2009
I have an estate vehicle that needs to be sold. The trade in Book value is around 900-1000 for a high mileage SUV. The tires are shot. I can get a set of low priced new tires mounted for around $500. Is it worth it to put on the tires or have the dealer ding me for the tires? How much could they take off for tires if I sell as is. Tire size is 256-70-17.
I wouldnt put on tires sell it as is $1000 (or more) When they point out flaws.. point out your price was taking all that into account. With craigslist you will have 20 tire kickers or lowballers for every possible real buyer you wont get more out of it by spending $400+ on tires. Let the new owner put on what he wants with his own $$$ Anything that moves and doesnt have major mechanical flaws would bring 1500$+ here.
What Rand said. People will come looking for "the issue", once they find it, they'll be satisfied. If you offer up a perfect car for $1400 they'll pic every nit and leave, suspicious you're hiding something. Plus tires are a personal choice like wallpaper. The only flipside is if you legitimately can get them cheaper than anyone else eg the used option or maybe a DTD sale. 4x4 SUV in November with new tires will sell. Or buy this from the estate for blue book price and improve it on your own dime.
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It is going to Carmax or a Dealer per family wishes.
They will send it straight to auction. The tires don't matter.
Did the tires wear evenly? Very uneven wear and other issues, such as cupping, might turn a lot of people off. You'd have to wait for the right kind of person, who wouldn't be worried about replacing the tires, ball joints, struts and/or any other worn parts. Every one else will see that as a potentially very large bill and not take the risk.
sell as is. in pa $1000 is parts car price. you won't find anything inspected for that price. let the craigslist people fight it out. the real buyer will come along and give you what you want.
You won't come close to getting $500 more. This is true of almost all repairs before trading in. A dealer can buy parts wholesale and have their garage install. The exception is if the car won't start and/or drive at all but you can fix it rather cheaply.
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You could put $1000 in tires on the car and it will raise your selling price .... $0 dollars!!! People expect cars to come with a battery. With tires. With 4 rims. And a running engine. You could put thousand of dollars worth of maintenance parts into a used car, but that doesn't raise the value of the car. Thats not how the used car market works. Sell the car as is, let the next owner put new tires on it. Honestly, it will go to auction, and a very cheap buy here-pay here might buy it and put on 4 used tires if they are that bad. When I was growing up, I had a used tire dealer that ANY tire, mounted and balanced, was $20. Or a complete set for $70. It was an economical way for my broke self to have good tires on my car.
As everyone else said, sell as it. They won't take anything off the price and you won't get any extra with new tires.
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So they won't drop their offer due to the tires
No one wants a high mileage suv. It will get auctioned at reputable dealers. so condition is mostly meaningless to them. A buy here pay here lot will get it at auction.
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